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  1. (1) I have noticed multiple times that pictures I take via Evernote do not show up in my Evernote account. Thankfully the pictures are kept in the photo gallery in a folder called Evernote. I believe I have used the widget to initiate the pictures each time. Why is this happening? Sometimes, like now, it works fine. Anyone else having this problem? (2) Is there any way to mute / turn off the Evernote camera shutter sound? I have latest Evernote v5.3 AM_53_173 on Samsung Galaxy S4.
  2. Just saw they have a couple new versions of the Fitbit coming. Zip is available now, it is a little cheaper and less features. The One will replace the Ultra, supposed to be available in October for $100... http://www.fitbit.com/one The One has a feature I have been waiting for... vibration alarm to wake you from sleep. I haven't determined if this is just based on time like a "regular" alarm clock. Hopefully it wakes you when you are in a light stage of sleep like the Jawbone Up does (or did?). [edit 9/19: via email they said the alarm is a simple time based alarm clock :-( ] It also has Bluetooth4 for syncing with newer phones with Bletooth4, also includes PC dongle. Has anyone seen evidence from a sleep center or doctor on how well gadgets like these really work at tracking sleep?
  3. It would be nice to save the text, approximate formatting sometimes, and one image. I tend to get a lot of random images stored when I clip article, then the thumbnail ends up being some meaningless F or T logo . I think Amazon wishlist lets you pick which image from the page is stored... something like that would be nice in EN clipper so I can select the most appropriate image to have stored with the note.
  4. Just trying to convert over to Evernote and this is frustrating... WinXP 64 bit, Chrome 18.0.1025.162 m, Evernote Clipper 5.3.1 -clipper does not use the tags I select so I have to set them again in EN. I turned off the auto tag feature -clipper does not use the title I typed so I have to type it again in EN -what is the Notes section at the bottom for? there is a comment field which works (once at least).
  5. I've been searching for a while now and cannot seem to find a product that will sync Evernote notes to Outlook Notes (not OneNote). When I say sync, I mean to synchronize the two repeatedly/continually. Sync does not mean to import/export from one to the other, or an outlook plugin that sends emails to EN. For example, iTunes will sync iPhone calendar/contacts/notes to Outlook. If I modify on one, the other is updated during sync. If the same note is modified on both Outlook and Evernote, the sync application detects this and gives me a choice on which to keep. I really like the web clipping capabilities of EN website and chrome browser. I have the iphone app and like the camera clipping capability so I don't have random pictures of receipts or products mixed in with thousands of pictures of my kids. But... I think the iPhone notes (which sync to Outlook) have a big advantage in the quick search capability from the iPhone home screen search (spotlight I think it is called?). Plus I have had all my info in Outlook for 15 or so years now. It isn't perfect, but it has been around and will be around for a long time I believe. I have been playing with other apps/sites for past couple years due to some of the limitations in iOS (they didn't have tasks/todo/reminders, so I started using Toodledo). Actually I did find one windows application called gSyncit but it is $20. Looking for something free. Thanks, Kevin
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