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  1. Just saw they have a couple new versions of the Fitbit coming. Zip is available now, it is a little cheaper and less features. The One will replace the Ultra, supposed to be available in October for $100... http://www.fitbit.com/one The One has a feature I have been waiting for... vibration alarm to wake you from sleep. I haven't determined if this is just based on time like a "regular" alarm clock. Hopefully it wakes you when you are in a light stage of sleep like the Jawbone Up does (or did?). [edit 9/19: via email they said the alarm is a simple time based alarm clock :-( ] It also has Bluetooth4 for syncing with newer phones with Bletooth4, also includes PC dongle. Has anyone seen evidence from a sleep center or doctor on how well gadgets like these really work at tracking sleep?
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