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(Archived) backup plan?

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i am beginning to love Evernote, but as i enter more information i am becoming nervous that i might loose the data if Evernote ever faulters or i have no access to the internet.

is there a way to sync notes to my hard drive instead of all in the cloud?

if this is possible i would then like to back up my notes with a service like Mozy. can i do that?



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What Operating System are you using? Evernote has desktop clients for Mac and Windows that download your notes to your desktop.

i am using MacOS X 10.5 "Leopard." if i install the app does it actually store the notes on my hard drive? if so, where?


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Your notes are stored in a database on your hard drive that is located off of your home directory.

If you want to make a separate copy of a note on your computer, you can use the "Export" function in the Mac client to produce an export file (.enex), which can later be imported back into either the Mac or Windows client.

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Your data is stored in: ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote/data

but it is definitely not safe to change or delete any file within this directory structure ... our application assumes that it's the only thing manipulating our data, so any file manipulation could break our app.

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You can back up this folder, but restoring it may not be safe if the client is running or if you've updated your client version at all.

The safer backup mechanism would be to use the Export feature to produce an .enex export file of your notes. This is a stable, XML-based standard format that you can re-import later on your Mac or Windows client.

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