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  1. Mh. Since I do not even get a "no", I'm switching to DEVONthink Pro Office. I'll rather pay 150 USD for a good product than 45 USD per year for an unfinished one. It is sad since I really liked Evernote.
  2. I know Air Sharing and I've been using SugarSync for a while I don't like using a lot apps for one thing. I love DEVONthink, but Evernote too Besides I believe in cloud computing, so I would love to use just Evernote..
  3. But I can automatically backup this folder and - in case - overwrite the existing one with the one I backed up?
  4. Thank you for your response. I see that it is ha huge task, but it would be extremely useful and would make you comparable to DEVONthink. Is there any chance to see this feature one day?
  5. Hey there, I used the forum search but could not find a similar topic: Are there plans to make more filetypes like .doc or Apple iWork files view- and searchable (e.g. like .pdf)? I would definately upgrade to premium for that.. I am sorry if there is another topic on that (I cannot believe it is not), but I could not find it. Kind regards, lacer
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