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(Archived) switching folders minimizes evernote


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The title says it all. When ever I try to switch folders, evernote (currently the windows desktop client build 5) minimizes itself to the tray. To switch folders I needed to shutdown the client, and restart it. I have to do this every time i want to switch folders.


This problem started when i was using the desktop client build 4 and persisted when I moved to build 5.


its frustrating. any suggestions? Ideas?

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i figured out pretty quick that no one else was reporting this. i've tried uninstalling and re-installing. 


must be some conflict with something in my windows 7 but i'm stumped. Two things I haven't tried are 


(1) uninstall and clean out any registry entries evernote might leave behind.


(2) try the windows restore and see if that does anything.

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Exit everything - backup your database (just in case) - and uninstall (via Revo Uninstaller) / reinstall seems like a good option.  If that doesn't work,  please raise a support ticket (see below) and post the number here..

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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