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(Archived) Reinstall Mac Client - Same amount of drive space used by notes? Or less?



I am currently reinstalling Evernote because my monthly usage counter was out of sync.


In my original install, ~8K notes used 15-16 GB. I'm still re-installing and it looks like it's going to use the same amount of space. Shouldn't it use less drive space as I assume there might be files in the original install that EN didn't clean up?

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Don't follow the logic there - the usage counter might have taken into account stuff in the trash,  or it might just be broken;  reinstalling doesn't necessarily give you back that much disk space..  and the size of your database is affected by the number of big notes,  so your stats might be reasonable.  I have nearly double the notes for a similar size DB but maybe I clip text more.

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Actually, Evernote used more space after I reinstalled. I'm going to have to look into ways to save drive space.

Drive space can be a tough issue to deal with, especially on the Mac. Here is one recent experience that I have had.


However, my problem with limited drive space goes back at least a year, and I have had to adopt an alternative method of note-taking.


Unfortunately, if this is becoming a major issue for you, I think the best solution I can suggest is to wipe Evernote from your hard drive and reinstall (by wipe, I mean completely get rid of everything).


As for your monthly usage amounts, that is an unrelated topic. As Gaz suggested, it may be your trash that was messing up the numbers. If you continue to have problems with the monthly usage, you might want to contact support.

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Thanks for the links. I had a feeling Evernote was a space hog when I noticed exported enex files were almost twice the size of html files.


The reinstall I did was a full wipe, I deleted the directory in the App Support directory. 


My solution, which is not optimal, is to create another Evernote account and move my must haves into there. 


About 1/4 of my notes have attached audio files, many others, pdfs, which is why I use so much space. I had premium for a year and didn't think much about disk space.

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