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(Archived) New Evernote Clipper breaks iPhone function

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The old Evernote Clipper behavior worked well on the iPhone. The new behavior makes using it on iPhone impossible.

As soon as I signed up for Evernote, I added the Clipper to my bookmarks on the computer. When I synced, it was available on the iPhone. I use my iPhone constantly. Each time I found an interesting web page, I'd bring up my bookmark list, hit the Evernote Clipper, and the entire page was added to my notebook. Although it wasn't fully documented, this is the feature I used most with Evernote.

The new Clipper breaks this function. Now you must select something to clip... impossible to do on an iPhone! So when I bring up the Clipper, my clip is empty. Frankly, I don't see much advantage to the new function of the Clipper, even on a computer. Why am I forced to select something first? I didn't need to do this before and it was so much easier.

This is not a small thing. It COMPLETELY breaks using the web clipper on the iPhone.

PLEASE bring back the old clipper, or a choice between the new and old behaviors.

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We were not aware of the problem on the iPhone. The clipper was never supported on this platform due to the effort required to install it, so we did not notice that this behavior had affected the iPhone.


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I'm with the original poster -- I used the old clipper on my iPhone extensively to bookmark web pages on the go. It was one of my main use cases for Evernote, in fact, and replaced most of the bookmarking I would have otherwise done via Mobile Safari. Now that the clipper functionality has changed and removed that feature, it really does diminish Evernote's value to me quite a bit. I'm surprised this wasn't encouraged by the Evernote team, since it did work well.

Since the old version of the clipper worked well with the iPhone, even though it was unsupported, is there a possibility we could just have that version back to optionally use instead of the new clipper? I'd be more than happy to go through a few extra steps to bookmark a second clipper version.


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I agree with the other comments. I was using the old Evernote Clipper extensively on my iPod Touch 1st Generation. Although the old Evernote Clipper wasn't officially optimized for the iphone (or ipod Touch), it was still a perfect tool for those of us who do not have mobile cut & paste functionality on our mobile devices -- i.e., -- EVERYONE who owns an iPhone or iPod Touch.

I recently upgraded to a premium account because I expected to start using Evernote more extensively. The existence of and functionality provided by the old web clipper was a crucial factor in my decision.

I have been using the web clipper extensively on both my iPod Touch and my PC. (I use Evernote Windows on my PC.) When I'm using my PC, I often edit the pages synced from my iPod Touch -- something I cannot do on the Touch itself. After I sync the edits, I can pull the notes up on my iPod Touch and mark them as favorites. ... I even found the tag feature very useful ... I just zoom in to use it.

Anyway ... I am EXTREMELY disappointed that I can no longer use the web clipper. It makes Evernote much, much less useful to me. ... In fact, without the clipper, I will probably need to start looking for other note-taking programs/solutions. I would so much rather be looking for ways to expand my Evernote usage (as I had planned) and utilizing some of the new programs developed to work with Evernote's API.

Please, please, please figure out a way to give the functionality back to us. Wouldn't it be possible to have a clipper that gives you the option to clip the entire page OR clip the URL and/or write text?! If not, can you make it possible for people to use both clippers?

Thank you.

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i have just downloaded evernote (i used it ages ago and have to admit i'm quite amazed at the improvements).

i have also just purchased an iphone and the iphone functionality is important to me. i think i'm also a likely upgrade candidate for files.

seeing this post worries me as i was envsioning using evernote as described here.


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I'd say 95% of my Evernote use is web clipping. I estimate 75% of my web access is via iPhone.

Perhaps you could give us some indication as to your *intent* to implement web clipping on the iPhone?

I am ramping up my Evernote use, trying to evaluate if I am going to go headlong -- but I am loathe

to continue without this feature.

The seems like this should be a given ... with the future of connectivity moving inexorably to

mobile platforms. I mean there are just so many pictures of beer bottle labels, business cards,

and geotagged parking lot locations one can take before the novelty wears off. I was frankly

stunned that this wasn't built into the iPhone app (or a separate, official, bookmarklet).

Much of your increasing install base needs this!

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