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  1. ha - of course not! is now, and works. now to get all my notes onto my phone! thank yo for your assistance, pinkelephant!
  2. for me, it's only on mobile connection. wifi works fine. even with 4G and a very strong signal I get the error when I try to search. thanks!
  3. I'm unable to just copy and paste a simple list of my notebooks and tags. Using Ajax or whatever doesn't seem to allow for just grabbing the content and pasting into excel or wherever. I was able to do what I wanted to do by saving to evernote from the old web format, then copying and pasting that, then cleaning up the excess, but as the old format may not be available forever, and with the api, was wondering if there was an easy way to extract a simple list of notebooks and tags for use outside of evernote. thanks!
  4. i've run into this frequently the last few days. anyone have a button we can install on safari that can take us to chrome and pre-populate the address there? on second thought, i can't be bothered. tools that don't work as required get replaced. as we speak, making google chrome my primary browser with apple safari as secondary.
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