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  1. Another disappointment at more loss of functionality. Why is there no official response to something like this?
  2. This topic has NOT been solved. Please remove the designation. I've also been premium since 2009 or even before, Continue to be disappointed by the lack of clear communication and removal of core features. While I appreciate the opportunities offered the company by unification of their code base, I feel ignored and unimportant. Perhaps I am, and if I want to feel valued I should look elsewhere. Regardless, I was unprepared for this change, which would have been a priority for a customer-focused company. If I had been warned, I would NOT have upgraded to the newer version. I am looking at alternatives from Notion to Devonthink to Nimbus to Joplin and others and even eyeing Obsydian, although it's too new. I will say that Evernote does show up as an option for printing, but isn't consistent with other apps which describe the action. The only word listed is "Evernote." This does create a new pdf note in Evernote. I was able to update to "Save PDF to Evernote" using the "Edit Menu" at the bottom of the list, which when opened was designated as 'Printing Workflows" - but not positive this is a native OSX feature or whether it's an added utility. See below for screen shot:
  3. I'm curious why someone thought that putting tags at the BOTTOM of the note was a good idea, made any sense at all, was a smart UX choice, and whether it was tested with current users or just some developers "great" idea. At least tags are still there - they were removed from the ios clipper for some time and even now work awkwardly on ipad but broken on iphone. With tags that could be positioned top or bottom, it could be a preference setting - oh wait, there is but a single "preference" in mac version now - shared below... this is so rushed and so incomplete. if it was a new program MVP for sure, but for a program with as many PAID users as evernote that's been around for so long. Very disappointing. And it seems I can't get my money back on my subscription, even though THEY broke what was working just fine...
  4. ha - of course not! is now, and works. now to get all my notes onto my phone! thank yo for your assistance, pinkelephant!
  5. for me, it's only on mobile connection. wifi works fine. even with 4G and a very strong signal I get the error when I try to search. thanks!
  6. I'm unable to just copy and paste a simple list of my notebooks and tags. Using Ajax or whatever doesn't seem to allow for just grabbing the content and pasting into excel or wherever. I was able to do what I wanted to do by saving to evernote from the old web format, then copying and pasting that, then cleaning up the excess, but as the old format may not be available forever, and with the api, was wondering if there was an easy way to extract a simple list of notebooks and tags for use outside of evernote. thanks!
  7. i've run into this frequently the last few days. anyone have a button we can install on safari that can take us to chrome and pre-populate the address there? on second thought, i can't be bothered. tools that don't work as required get replaced. as we speak, making google chrome my primary browser with apple safari as secondary.
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