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  1. I too would love to see a Linux version of the Evernote desktop client. I know this topic has been tossed about on the forums here several times previously, so I expected the above reply that the Evernote team won't be writing a Linux version, but the API is open for anyone to build a client around it. I have a couple of questions, though: 1) Is anyone aware of any active project right now to build a Linux desktop client using the Evernote APIs? I assume no, since this was suggested a long time ago and have seen no follow up from anyone about any progress. (I hope I'm wrong....) 2) Has anyone gotten the Evernote 3.5 betas to work via Wine? I think the big stumbling block there is the dependency on .NET 3.5 SP1. If anyone has worked around that, could you please post how it was done? Thanks!
  2. If the /Users/YOU/Library/Services folder doesn't exist, just go ahead and create the Services folder in that location. You can place the automator scripts there and they should then work fine.
  3. Actually, I also saw this behavior when I first upgraded to the 2.0 version on my iPhone. I had to "force quit" the app or reboot the phone anytime I tried to enter Settings. I eventually deleted and reinstalled the app and that seemed to fix it. I haven't seen the problem recur since.
  4. I'm with the original poster -- I used the old clipper on my iPhone extensively to bookmark web pages on the go. It was one of my main use cases for Evernote, in fact, and replaced most of the bookmarking I would have otherwise done via Mobile Safari. Now that the clipper functionality has changed and removed that feature, it really does diminish Evernote's value to me quite a bit. I'm surprised this wasn't encouraged by the Evernote team, since it did work well. Since the old version of the clipper worked well with the iPhone, even though it was unsupported, is there a possibility we could just have that version back to optionally use instead of the new clipper? I'd be more than happy to go through a few extra steps to bookmark a second clipper version. Thanks!
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