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No option to remove Notes category from sidebar

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I have been frustrated by the inability to remove the "Notes" category from the sidebar. If I go to View > Sidebar Options then I have the option to show or hide every category except Notes. I organize everything into notebooks, so the separate access to all notes is superfluous. Please consider letting me hide Notes as an option.


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I am using both Windows and Mac version, I removed "Notes" from the sidebar in Windows but I cannot do same think in Mac. Please make this action available in Mac version too. Thanks.

I am having this problem as well. I only want Notebooks and Tags to be on my sidebar. When I right click on Notes, the "remove from sidebar" option is greyed out. I don't see why we shouldn't be able to remove the Notes category!

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Of course there are 2 ways to search "All Notes" (unless one has just 1 notebook)... both requiring an equal number of clicks on desktop (2):


  • X out the current notebook/ context in the search bar and enter search query
  • Click on the Notes button and then enter search query in the search bar

I'm scratching my head wondering if there is any practical benefit to hiding the "Notes" button in the left panel... it seems to be the quickest way to view all notes according to the sort option chosen in the Notes list - given that the alternative would be to X out the current notebook context in the search bar, way over yonder in the upper right of the UI. 


Supposing one wanted to see the most recently updated notes across one's account, and not according to stack or notebook: without X-ing out the current context in the search bar, there is no other way to view All Notes (with a hidden Notes button).  Seems like more of a pain in the butt to not have a Notes button


I'm wondering why it would be so important to hide the Notes button. It might just be the most underrated and most frequently used "feature" in all of Evernote-dom.


I need some enlightenment here. I obviously understand the need to keep things simple and uncluttered... but for Mac users who can't hide the Notes button, and who may never have used the Windows desktop client with a hidden Notes button, how would one know what it practically meant to not have one? ... it might seem like a brilliant idea to hide the Notes button until one realizes they're better off with it. All Notes context pretty much rocks.

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We'd like to remove it because we're minimalists and when everything is organized properly into notebooks, the notes tab is still listed on the sidebar and is not in any way how we organize our system my mass list. we could turn on if needed but WE WANT TO REMOVE IT!!! it even has the option and its greyed out as if its telling us it's possible... so we obviously want to do it.

I know its been years since this was made but its still unresolved. I hope things can be looked at again.

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