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I must feel like a grumpy monkey (sorry grumpy monkey) - I have to write something.


First, I do appreciate how the Evernote continues to innovate and improve the products.  However, I feel they are slowly missing the mark with each new update.  For example, I was excited when they first purchased Skitch, thinking they would incorporate seem-less PDF annotation and ink into the product.  After this latest Evernote update for the Mac, I'm really disappointed in the direction the product is heading.  Yes, now I see the skitch icon embedded within Evernote.  Cool.  Let's grab a PDF note and click the button.  Nice - my note opens up in Skitch.  Ready to save?  How do I save my work back?  Of course, "Save to Evernote"   But this creates a new note instead of updating my existing note.  Why?  This is really whacky and counter-intuitive.  Want to add more annotations?  Sure, edit your new note and create yet another note...huh?  This doesn't make any sense at all and a total step backwards.   Evernote should have purchased Noteworthy and incorporated the seemless ink and editing functionality found in that really great iPad app rather than fooling around with skitch and Penultimate.


Another example - the highlighter.  A nice addition in the Mac client.   You can't select colors for the highlighter, but still a nice edition.   Even so, I would have much rather have had font size, color, and style drop downs though.  The editor on Mac is very clunky unlike any other other Mac client.   What about improvements in tables?  Not so lucky.  But at least I have a highlighter that I'm unlikely to use very often.


Evernote continues to just barely keep enough functionality improvements to keep many of us around.  I worry, though, that Evernote's product direction, as evidenced with these recent updates, are loosing their edge and not focused on creating real value.

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