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As background, I'm an enthusiastic beta tester of lots of software, and a long standing Evernote power user and enthusiast (on a couple of Windows XP/7 PCs and mutiple Android phones and tablets). So it was with great anticipation that I downloaded EN5 beta for Windows.

I should say that in general, I *love* change in software, and finding new features, even if things don't work the way they used to - I'll happily work out what's changed and adjust.

I've only had EN5 installed for a few hours, so I'm still looking forward to find the other 98+ new features, but so far I really like the ability to easily search for multiple tags from the tag icon at the top of the note list, rather than having to type tag: multiple times in a generic search box (btw, is there a keyboard shortcut for that?). And I like being able to control the order for merging notes according to the order I select them in.

However, although I have never been a particular fan of the colour green, and I generally do like blacks and greys for a sophisticated looking UI, the old green-headered UI was cheerful and inviting - and I associate it with EN; the new all-pale-grey look is horribly washed out and - IMHO - utterly depressing. It's so dreary that it puts me off using Evernote 5 at all. Even a charcoal coloured menu bar / tool bar (or making the entire background charcoal instead of pale grey) would help relieve the dreariness of it. If there's a way to change the skin, please let me know, and I'll try something different. If there isn't, can I please beg that you add one?

The other thing that I REALLY don't like is the change to labelling menus in ALL CAPS. Aside from the issue of shouting, THINGS WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS ARE MORE DIFFICULT TO READ, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T SEE WORDS AS A PATTERN AS EASILY as you can in mixed case, due to the lack of risers and descenders. There's a very good reason why (British) road signs are in mixed case: it makes them easier to read. I know it seems to be fashionable in design at the moment, but frankly, I can't wait for it to go out of fashion again.

Sorry to be so negative about the look and feel, but I respond strongly to colour, and the greyness thing really is a big issue for me, no matter how good the new features are.

I really hope that you'll be able to point me in the direction of an alternative skin, or be able to implement a choice or change soon.



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I completely agree with Julie about skinning, and this is my primary concern. Overall, I'm sure there are some code updates that make for better functionality, and I'm good with that. 


FYI, I'll be referring to my desktop installation from this point forward. The mobile installations (Android) are still working well and I'm quite happy with them.


(As a quick side note, although I'm not currently experiencing any issues with forced caps lock, I do concur that it is remarkably annoying concept and should never be a forced change. If I want my titles in all caps, I'll use the caps lock key on my keyboard, thankyouverymuch.)


Back to skinning, I much preferred the previous skin. It was easy to view outdoors, and that's very important to me. The new version is washed out, even indoors, at night. I really don't like the fonts, colors, spacing, etc. I find it to have the appearance of a product that's trying to look "slick" and "modern", with no attempt to actually make it "better".  I can't stress exactly how irritating I find it to be.


I also don't find the new interface to be an improvement, as it is not nearly as intuitive as the previous version. In the default installation setting, I had to hunt around for three little arrows to find button to create a new note of any type. I eventually found an option to change the toolbars, both in location and presence, but alas, the Search Bar is in complete command of the right-hand column, forcing all shortcuts to a drop down list. I'm sorry to complain, but that's ugly, counter-intuitive, and frustrating.  


I miss my proper shortcut bar, with the note types listed as icons with the Alt+Text explanation. I don't care about using the little satellite dish icon to figure out my "Activity" level. I use Evernote to quickly and easily create... notes!  


As much as I love Evernote, I simply can't stand the new interface & skin, to the point I'm tempted to revert to carrying a pen and spiral notebook again. Yes, as someone who normally is a champion of the product & brand, I'm ready to jump ship for the old-school way.


I beg the Evernote development team to include full skins, including the old interface (complete!), and recommend putting them under "Options" with a preview (such as WinAmp did). If you're going to "improve" things, start with allowing your end-users to maintain a familiar and comfortable experience, especially one they can customize. If they choose to try and / or embrace a new look, that's their decision.


Forcing ugly, backwards, and non-intuitive changes is a death-knell - just ask MicroSoft.

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I agree with Julie's post.  As a matter of fact, I found this conversation by googling "Evernote 5 Windows washed out".  So far, I don't mind the other changes and am getting used to the new way it works, but the look is too washed out.  Please add a feature to the options menu for various themes so that we can have more contrast.  I'm only referring to color here and nothing else as I otherwise like the new interface so far.  It's just too bright and hard on the eyes even to the point of making it more difficult to read.

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I discovered this information through a related thread.


Many of us are dissatisfied with the new User Interface ("look" or "feel") of the current version of Evernote and / or Evernote Web clipper.


I'll save you a few minutes of searching.  Here are the links to download the previous versions of:


Make sure it is version If not, find that version in the right side bar. 


Note that you will need to manually uninstall your current version via Add / Remove Programs before you can re-install the older version. 


Although it may not be necessary, you may wish to export your current notes prior to the reversion. Simply open Evernote, right-click on "Notes" (or Notebook Stack), then choose Export Notes. 



Evernote Web Clipper: http://t.co/hjJ0Gsnn0H

Instructions for installation are included on that page. 

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