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  1. Here is to begging the "powers that be" at Evernote: Please publish the listed version (better yet, all previous versions) of the Web Clipper http://t.co/hjJ0Gsnn0H in the Google Chrome store. I don't care if carries a disclaimer. Chrome has recently updated and automatically disabled anything not published in the Chrome Store. Of course, there's no way to roll-back the version of Chrome. Now I have two products which used to work seamlessly and perfectly that refuse to talk to each other at all.
  2. FYI, once it's loaded, you will have to click the Web Clipper & log back into your Evernote Account.
  3. Back to the lab again. The latest Chrome update automatically disables older Web Clipper versions... and absolutely won't let you re-enable them. Grrrr. However, I found the workaround & am here to share it for those interested parties. Using the same link I posted for the previous good version of Web Clipper, download & save it to an obvious area on your computer (New Folder name "Good Evernote Web Clipper"). This is listed as step 2 below, but hey, we're not slaves to convention or process here. On a new Chrome Tab, click the menu button (three stacked lines in the top right), then select Tools, then select Extensions. (Step 3) Then follow these steps: 1. Delete the current (disabled by Chrome) extension2. Download the extension from the developers website by using the right click and select "Save Link As..." (DO NOT just open the link by clicking on it) and save it on your local machine.3. In Chrome, select the menu Tools/Extensions.4. Check the "Developer mode" box, top right.5. Drag & Drop the extension file (copied in step 1) onto the extensions page in Chrome. Chrome will ask you if you want to install the extension. Say YEAH!6. Et Voila: a working forbidden extension.
  4. For those newcomers to the thread, many of us are dissatisfied with the new User Interface ("look" or "feel") of the current version of Evernote and / or Evernote Web clipper. I'll save you a few minutes of searching this thread. Here are the links to download the previous versions of: Evernote: http://www.filehippo.com/download_evernote/15615/Make sure it is version If not, find that version in the right side bar. Note that you will need to manually uninstall your current version via Add / Remove Programs before you can re-install the older version. Although it may not be necessary, you may wish to export your current notes prior to the reversion. Simply open Evernote, right-click on "Notes" (or Notebook Stack), then choose Export Notes. Evernote Web Clipper: http://t.co/hjJ0Gsnn0HInstructions for installation are included on that page.
  5. I downloaded the set up file for Evernote from http://www.filehippo.com/download_evernote/ - they have all the old versions listed on the right hand side of that page. That was it! Perfect! So, major thanks now to both Heather & Brian! I'm back to the correct previous versions of both Evernote & Web Clipper. Things are working as they should.
  6. I'm assuming you (as an Evernote employee) intended to convey that you read every post. If that is the case, then proper customer service protocol would prescribe interaction through to a positive resolution. Again I say, "lackluster".
  7. Brian, please share how you reverted to (what I hope is) the previous Evernote UI! I'd love to do that if possible, and based on the feedback here, I'm sure others would love that too. +1 for checking out Diigo.
  8. Thank you Eric. Well put. But is anyone at EN listening? I've asked the same question. So far, crickets, and babble about improvements. It's not an "improvement" if your end-users are ready to jump ship for a pack of sticky notes and a pen, and yes, I find that I'm starting to migrate back that direction. I sincerely apologize if it sticks in someone's craw, but the latest versions of both Evernote & Web Clipper are horrid. Generally, the responses from the Evernote Team have been between lackluster and outright offensive, with a few exceptions. A few months ago I was a brand champion. Now... notsomuch. I haven't researched the corporate happenings, but there definitely seems to be a recent shift in corporate culture and direction. It is noticeable, and not for the better. Note to the Board of Directors: Whatever change(s) you made, change it back. It's bleeding heavily from the culture into the products, and your customers are primed to jump ship. +1 to the Thread. I too have been very frustrated with the latest release of Web Clipper. Major thanks to Heather for posting the link to the old version - I'm much happier! My breaking point was just moments ago when I attempted to print a page from my browser (Chrome). No matter the method used, the print job had a lovely Web Clipper overlay, rendering the print job absolutely useless. Another attempt on a different page had the same results. And no, I did not have web clipper actively clipping any page. However, returning to 5.9 has resolved the issue. I'm much happier with the streamlined workflow, and the non-intrusive presence. Clean, tight, simple, but effective. Now if I can just figure out how to get back to my previous version of Evernote (before the UI update), I'd be thrilled.
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