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  1. In Evernote, go to Tools | Options | General, and see where your Evernote database is currently stored. Then, in Windows File Explorer, select that folder, and right click and choose Properties to see how much space it's taking up. In Truecrypt, create an encrypted drive larger than that (I'd suggest at least twice as big, to allow for growth). Mount the drive in Truecrypt, and then go back to Evernote's Tools | Options | General and tell Evernote you want to move your data to your encrypted drive. You'll also want to untick the option to start Evernote on startup, as you'll have to wait to start up Evernote until after you've mounted your Truecrypt drive. Julie
  2. I have a separate notebook explicitly for Temp/Tiny tasks that I won't care about once they're completed (e.g. Send birthday card to mum, Book hair apointment, etc.). I periodically delete completed items out of this notebook on the grounds that I will never care about them again once they're done. For all tasks that I'll want a record of, I save them in the appropriate notebook for whatever they're related to, with appropriate tags, in the same way that I would for non task-related notes. Once the task is completed, they simply stay there, complete with any reference info included in the note.
  3. I received an email from Evernote more recently (possibly an update after Reminders were added). Mine said The implication is that perhaps this won't work if you have Smart Filing enabled? And the tip would have been a little clearer if they had given the options in the order they have to be in the subject, i.e. Reminder, Notebook, tags and finally " +". Julie
  4. Octonius is apparently iOS only. I guess devs get so caught up with their own platform, it doesn't occur to them to mention what platform(s) their product works on. Whatever platform you develop for, please tell us what it is as a matter of course. Because whatever it is, we don't all use it.
  5. Pictures can't be encrypted in Evernote. I wouldn't want to keep pictures of my credit cards etc anywhere. At all. A proper encrypted password manager app is much more appropriate for that kind of sensitive data.
  6. To put a different slant on this, the mobile apps work like that by default - only those notebooks that you explicitly request "offline" access for get synched to the device (it's a Premium service, I think). You have some cached information (minimally note titles and thumbnails) on the device, but retrieve most data from the cloud only when required. Obviously these devices don't have enough local storage to default to the normal device cloud sync that the desktop clients use, so it's not a huge leap of faith that it would be possible to have a desktop app that works in a similar way to the mobile apps. Julie
  7. FWIW... I'm PC & for several years, had my EN database in a Truecrypted container with no issues. Please note that although this worked for me for several years, putting your EN database in a TC container is not supported. ("Not supported" doesn't always translate to "bad". It may just mean "not supported"). Due to another issue (scaling - I apparently have one of the larger EN databases), I've moved my DB out of an encrypted container solely to eliminate all other possible issues when dealing with support on my scaling issue.Just for the record, my local EN database has been living on my Truecrypt encrypted X: drive for many years, on two different Windows PCs. As the drive is therefore not available to my PC until I mount it (and provide the decryption key), Evernote is set (in the Evernote options) NOT to load on PC startup. On my home PC I start it manually. On my work PC I use a desktop switching app (I can't remember the name of it, and I'm not near that PC at the moment to check), and I have that set up to start up all the apps that either live on or have data on the encrypted drive - notably Firefox portable, which is installed on the X: drive, and Evernote, whose data is on the X: drive. To be honest, the issue of supportability never occurred to me, as EN does support you moving your DB to a location of your choice, and Truecrypt is essentially invisible to apps using data on encrypted drives. Of course, all of this only secures your local data. Anybody with your Evernote password (or your email password to request an Evernote password reset) can get access to your data via the EN web app.
  8. Are you saying that you and your partner are sharing the SAME Evernote account? (I can't think of any other reason why you would need to protect a note from your partner's eyes.) If so why not approach it from the other direction: have an account each, so that each only see your own notes anyway, and have a shared notebook (or notebooks) for the things that you really DO want to share. Julie
  9. As background, I'm an enthusiastic beta tester of lots of software, and a long standing Evernote power user and enthusiast (on a couple of Windows XP/7 PCs and mutiple Android phones and tablets). So it was with great anticipation that I downloaded EN5 beta for Windows. I should say that in general, I *love* change in software, and finding new features, even if things don't work the way they used to - I'll happily work out what's changed and adjust. I've only had EN5 installed for a few hours, so I'm still looking forward to find the other 98+ new features, but so far I really like the ability to easily search for multiple tags from the tag icon at the top of the note list, rather than having to type tag: multiple times in a generic search box (btw, is there a keyboard shortcut for that?). And I like being able to control the order for merging notes according to the order I select them in. However, although I have never been a particular fan of the colour green, and I generally do like blacks and greys for a sophisticated looking UI, the old green-headered UI was cheerful and inviting - and I associate it with EN; the new all-pale-grey look is horribly washed out and - IMHO - utterly depressing. It's so dreary that it puts me off using Evernote 5 at all. Even a charcoal coloured menu bar / tool bar (or making the entire background charcoal instead of pale grey) would help relieve the dreariness of it. If there's a way to change the skin, please let me know, and I'll try something different. If there isn't, can I please beg that you add one? The other thing that I REALLY don't like is the change to labelling menus in ALL CAPS. Aside from the issue of shouting, THINGS WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS ARE MORE DIFFICULT TO READ, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T SEE WORDS AS A PATTERN AS EASILY as you can in mixed case, due to the lack of risers and descenders. There's a very good reason why (British) road signs are in mixed case: it makes them easier to read. I know it seems to be fashionable in design at the moment, but frankly, I can't wait for it to go out of fashion again. Sorry to be so negative about the look and feel, but I respond strongly to colour, and the greyness thing really is a big issue for me, no matter how good the new features are. I really hope that you'll be able to point me in the direction of an alternative skin, or be able to implement a choice or change soon. Thanks Julie
  10. @BurgersnFries The ability to change the order in which notes are merged is something that I requested from Evernote support quite some time ago. It makes no sense to me that if I create a series of Notes and then merge them, I get them in reverse chronological order. So I was very interested to see that you can control what order they're merged in. However, it isn't working for me (on Windows Evernote version, so there must be something about your settings or setup that is different from antpugh's and mine! So the question is, what is it? Julie
  11. For an app that focuses strongly on being able to find your stored information by filtering and searching, I find it incredible that there's no way to filter Trunk apps at all, over a year after psiomark's original post about it. It's utterly frustrating not to be able to filter out those apps that I can't use because I don't run Evernote on a particular platform. A simple tick list to filter by platform would be a huge improvement, i.e. [ ] web [ ] Windows [ ] Mac [ ] Android [ ] iOS [ ] Blackberry [ ] WebOS [ ] Windows Phone I'm sure I've forgotten some! I'd prefer a tick list to radio buttons so that (in my case) I can search for tools that work on either Windows or Android. Pretty please?? Text search would be welcome too, but surely a platform filter really ought to be trivial shouldn't it? Julie
  12. It's a bit harsh to blame Evernote unless you absolutely cannot reproduce the google synching issue without Evernote installed. Julie
  13. I have reverted to an earlier version because every time Evernote syncs in the background, I get alerts that it's using 99.9% of the CPU. Also, it repeatedly downloads location info for every one of my notebooks, even though I know that nothing at all has changed in any of them since the last sync. Julie
  14. Once you've looked at a note on the device, it gets cached - so presumably either you've created all the ones since December on the Evo, or you've at least looked at them there. (I don't know whether there's any timeout / space restriction on this though, to stop the phone getting clogged up with more notes than it has the capacity to store.) As baumgarr says, you can choose which (if any) of your Notebooks you choose to always store offline if/when you go premium. That won't (AFAIK) affect the caching of notes that aren't in your designated offline notebooks though. Julie
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