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  1. In Evernote, go to Tools | Options | General, and see where your Evernote database is currently stored. Then, in Windows File Explorer, select that folder, and right click and choose Properties to see how much space it's taking up. In Truecrypt, create an encrypted drive larger than that (I'd suggest at least twice as big, to allow for growth). Mount the drive in Truecrypt, and then go back to Evernote's Tools | Options | General and tell Evernote you want to move your data to your encrypted drive. You'll also want to untick the option to start Evernote on startup, as you'll have to wa
  2. I received an email from Evernote more recently (possibly an update after Reminders were added). Mine said The implication is that perhaps this won't work if you have Smart Filing enabled? And the tip would have been a little clearer if they had given the options in the order they have to be in the subject, i.e. Reminder, Notebook, tags and finally " +". Julie
  3. FWIW... I'm PC & for several years, had my EN database in a Truecrypted container with no issues. Please note that although this worked for me for several years, putting your EN database in a TC container is not supported. ("Not supported" doesn't always translate to "bad". It may just mean "not supported"). Due to another issue (scaling - I apparently have one of the larger EN databases), I've moved my DB out of an encrypted container solely to eliminate all other possible issues when dealing with support on my scaling issue.Just for the record, my local EN database has been living on
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