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(Archived) PDF Display on Evernote- Desktop





I usually post several pdf files in a note... grouping them by topic. When I open Evernote on my iPad or iPhone the individual files are listed by filename and size, t is easy to choose the one I want.


However, on the Desktop the entire file is displayed before you can see the next file in the note. Frankly this drives me crazy, because some of these files have 200+ pages (some over 1000) and it takes forever to scroll. I've looked through the display options and can't see a ready answer to inhibit seeing the entire file on the desktop.


Does anyone have a solution for me? Thanks!




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This is problem we've just run into this week. Is this something new or a bug? We attach about 5 PDF's an Note and send it out to all of our students at the college. In the past, last week or so. . .those PDF's showed as attachments whether opened in the web browser or the ipad app. Now, they are showing the full document and as mentioned above these can be big and basically students are not getting to the important documents they need or are just confused. Can someone please shed some light on this. . .this is unrelated to the webclipper. I understand for myself I can make it so that the PDF's that are clipped can be viewed inline or as attachments. . .but I'm concerned about notes that I share. 


Thank you in advance.

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Something I'd like to see is a faster way of switching between inline display and attachment display. Now that we're seemingly forced to have the clunky bar displaying all the info in the world about the .pdf (whether we want it to or not) and more icons we can't hide anyway, why not make it useful by adding a toggle-option of the display modes instead of all this right clicking business? 


Although: I'd rather like a way to get rid of the new bar instead. Most often it is just in the way. It isn't exactly making things prettier - which I thought was the goal with Evernote 5 for OS X.

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