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  1. Okay, so I see that each has his/her preference about what they want evernote to do with their PDF's. At my College we are using Evernote to distribute one shared Note that has about 6-10 PDF's to all students. It's not ideal if the PDF's embed in the note because some of them might be 10+ pages and then the notes become extremely long and difficult for students to navigate and find the appropriate form. I understand how to set my preferences so I can choose how to view my PDF's in my notes, but this doesn't seem to control how others see my notes when I share them (in this case the students). Thus far, Evernote has become the best and most fool proof solution for sharing documents with students as a school and from Instructors to students. But the fact that the PDF's automatically seem to now be opening in the notes is causing issues. Is there a way to make the PDF's remain as attachments when a note is shared? Thanks.
  2. This is problem we've just run into this week. Is this something new or a bug? We attach about 5 PDF's an Note and send it out to all of our students at the college. In the past, last week or so. . .those PDF's showed as attachments whether opened in the web browser or the ipad app. Now, they are showing the full document and as mentioned above these can be big and basically students are not getting to the important documents they need or are just confused. Can someone please shed some light on this. . .this is unrelated to the webclipper. I understand for myself I can make it so that the PDF's that are clipped can be viewed inline or as attachments. . .but I'm concerned about notes that I share. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi Megan. . .you share my exact sentiments as of late. I'm training all faculty at my college to adopt Evernote in the classroom. The approach and focus is to provide a student with a way to manage, navigate and contain everything associated with their cousres. We forget that in the days of old. . .workflow and organizational skills were built in to every assignment. We are an all ipad campus and what we've discovered is that where our students fail and fall apart is the ability to manage themselves as students. They do their work but then can't manage it and end up never turning it in, and in the end fail. . .Evernote solves this and class flow suddenly reflects the old way of doing things as you mentioned, "Binders, dividers, planners" etc. but now in a digital format. We are trying to build workflow into every assignment because these are skills students are lacking. Evernote is a good one stop shop for this. As for innovation, for those right brain students who were always held back (like myself) for the lack of left brain skills---organizing and managing my work, suddenly Evernote takes care of this important function and the playing field seems to be leveled. . .
  4. Hey Greg! Thanks a lot! Good stuff. I was surprised though that the link to your user guide isn't an Evernote link. Good way to model. best, jared
  5. Hi, we are excited about reminders here at my college. . .I'm in the process of training all faculty/students on Evernote (big undertaking). . .I was specifically excited about the idea of sharing a notebook with a class of students and being able to add reminders to the "Homework" note in the notebook so that students would get reminders about each homework assignment that was added to the notebook (very important function for a generation that doesn't do email: a student last week told me that I was "living in the stone ages" when I referenced sending another student an email). I am testing this out with a group of faculty. So far, no one has received a reminder. Am I missing something? I had them subscribe to reminders in the preferences. They can see at the bottom of each note a reminder---but it doesn't alert them or provide them with anything; in their words, "useless". Would appreciate any insight on this issue.
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