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  1. Hi Megan. . .you share my exact sentiments as of late. I'm training all faculty at my college to adopt Evernote in the classroom. The approach and focus is to provide a student with a way to manage, navigate and contain everything associated with their cousres. We forget that in the days of old. . .workflow and organizational skills were built in to every assignment. We are an all ipad campus and what we've discovered is that where our students fail and fall apart is the ability to manage themselves as students. They do their work but then can't manage it and end up never turning it in, and in the end fail. . .Evernote solves this and class flow suddenly reflects the old way of doing things as you mentioned, "Binders, dividers, planners" etc. but now in a digital format. We are trying to build workflow into every assignment because these are skills students are lacking. Evernote is a good one stop shop for this. As for innovation, for those right brain students who were always held back (like myself) for the lack of left brain skills---organizing and managing my work, suddenly Evernote takes care of this important function and the playing field seems to be leveled. . .
  2. Hey Greg! Thanks a lot! Good stuff. I was surprised though that the link to your user guide isn't an Evernote link. Good way to model. best, jared
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