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Evernote 5.2 has released and includes direct connection with Skitch

Joe Lopez


Evernote version 5.2 has been released and includes a bunch of new features, with one in particular that Skitch users have been asking for: Better integration with Skitch!


You can now launch Skitch directly from Evernote and annotate images and PDFs that originate in Evernote and have the results saved directly back into Evernote.


You can follow the Evernote release thread here: 


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With both Evernote 5.2 and Skitch Latest uploaded, I am caught in an endless loop.


When I click on the new Skitch icon above an Evernote, I am taken to an "Update latest Skitch" or "No thanks" option...


The latest Skitch version is uploaded etc etc


But I can't Skitch a Note.


Please help!

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I had the same issue this morning, but it has now rectified itself.  What I did was I navigated to a new note with a PDF in it, then I clicked on markup with Skitch which then allowed me the option to do it.  I then navigated back to the original note which kept in this endless loop and was able to annotate that note too (which was a image note).  What version of Evernote are you using the App Store build or direct download.

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@Wern - You can do this from Windows today except for PDF markup. Install Evernote and Skitch for Windows desktop and you can open up images for markup inside of Skitch and save the results right back.

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@melv01 - Do you have more than 1 version of Skitch on the same Mac? If so you need to delete any version that is pre 2.6. You should then quit Evernote and restart Evernote and the prompt to upgrade should be gone.

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