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(Archived) How do you delete search history in Mac OS X Evernote desktop app?



I entered some info in the search field of my Evernote app for the Mac. It's somewhat sensitive and wouldn't like it to be saved in an unencrypted history. I don't see a way to remove the search history or that item at the least. Anyone know?

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Hi. Welcome to the forums. That has been requested before, but at this point the feature does not exist. One workaround is to do five or six searches for gibberish to clear it out of the list.

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hi, what is the status of the issue ?

if you do a new research, the sensitive results can easily reappear. So the workaround is just for the Karma.. 
ok you won't see your sensitive search requests directly in the popup.. but depending of your new research, the sensitive searchs will be still visible in the results list.

ps: same problem on MAC or Windows (I am Windows user)
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It happened when I accidentally paste a really really long article into the search field and Evernote just freezing all the way. Forced quite and the problem was not gone, instead, the long long search article now lives as a recent search history in the search field and lagging everything down. Have to enter new search terms few times to push the recent history down. Just hope it won't show up again, this lovely search history.

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