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Evernote for Real Estate Agents

Megan Iemma

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There are others writing about Real Estate and Evernote. 


Here's a post from here in the forum: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/35504-power-uses-of-evernote-and-dropbox-for-real-estate/


Blog post: http://blog.cloudhq.net/post/44163462900/power-uses-of-dropbox-and-evernote-for-real-estate


And I heard Dean Quellette interviewed on The Productive Life Show and he has a book: http://deanouellette.com/ They even suggested that it was good for folks not in real estate. 

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The article which you shared is really helpful more and interesting also. Real estate is the most leading one in the business world. Many of them are adopted this one as a job also. Before we can invest money in real estate better to know its updated information about that.


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