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    @optionBLur I can run this class via Skype if need be...would that suit? If so, please go online and use the booking form. It just means you will get a 1-1 session instead. Megan Iemma Tech Coach HQ
  2. until
    Meetings, Conferences, workshops... if you need to take notes Evernote is your answer. Ever struggled with managing your files whether it is on your mobile device or your desktop? Now, is the time to get organised ‘digitally’ and do it the smart way, not the hard way! Evernote, and all the apps that support Evernote can improve your productivity, save time and money with being organised on the go! This workshop will look at Evernote basics, Evernote Suite and Evernote Trunk. Evernote Expert: Megan Iemma To book click on this link: https://weteachme.com/techcoachhq/1002806-evernote-101-how-to-get-organized-with-evernote
  3. Hi, My name is Megan Iemma and I am one of the Evernote Business Certified Consultants based in Melb, Victoria (Australia). Looking to find successful casestudies where Evernote has been implemented for a whole school or a university department. I have a presentation coming up on Friday so any help would be fantastic.. Thanks Megan
  4. Hi Aurora, What I would suggest is using a third party app like Noteshelf or Notability to take your notes down and then export them...noteshelf and notability both have the ability to record audio while you are notetaking.. Megan
  5. Hi, I have been running some Evernote training sessions in Melbourne (not associated with Evernote) at the York Butter Factory once a month since October last year. Would love to help spread the word about these workshops as there has been a little interest, but would love to spread the word. https://weteachme.com/techcoachhq/evernote-101-how-to-get-organized-with-evernote Thanks Megan
  6. Hi, I have a client whose full notes appear on the iPad, but not on his desktop Evernote account..is there anything that he is not doing? Thanks Megan
  7. Help!!! I have an Evernote presentation tomorrow night here in Melbourne, and thought I had better update to the latest version of Skitch to make sure I am showing the right version and I know I have a lot of pictures (500 screenshots), but it is taking forever to sign in. Can anyone help me??? Megan Iemma
  8. https://www.womeninfocus.com.au/docs/DOC-2822 Here is my final article for the Women in Focus website, looking at my favourite apps from Evernote Trunk. These are often ones I recommend for my Tech Coach HQ clients and work really well for mobile solutions. Would love feedback.
  9. Thanks Les and Gerard. Looking to further develop resources and physical training as there is a definite need in Australia.
  10. http://www.techcoachhq.com.au/evernote-training-for-real-estate-agents/ Here is an article I just published for using Evernote and Real Estate Agents. Would love feedback. Megan
  11. Here is my Pinterest board that comes up first on Google for Evernote and Education http://pinterest.com/meganaiemma/evernote-for-business-and-education/ Hope you find it useful Megan
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