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(Archived) Storing data locally

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Is there a way to store Evernote data locally on a mobile device (windows mobile)? I do not have an always on data connection, and often find the need to look up my Evernote data. I have a 2 gig storage card, so space is not an issue. Thanks

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There isn't currently a way to do this via our software, although some people have been successful at pulling down their notes via an IMAP client. We are no longer actively developing our IMAP service since the behavior of IMAP clients is too inconsistent for us to offer an acceptable level of functionality and support, but it may be useful for you:


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Is the IMAP server no longer working?

I was disappointed to note that the winmo doesn't store local copies so I really need the imap working.

I just keep getting 'cannot connect to incoming mail server'. All the settings and my login are correct.

You really ought to have thought this one through before pulling the plug on the only offline method for winmo users.

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We found a networking problem yesterday morning that we believe was affecting mobile clients and overseas users. We switched over to a different set of network hardware and believe that you should be able to connect without errors now.

Thanks for the reports

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