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  1. Since upgrading to V5 of Evernote on the Mac, I notice that Print PDF to Evernote no longer works. Evernote becomes the focus and it creates a note with the appropriate title, but the attachment it creates has zero bytes. I also noticed that PDFs that are emailed in to Evernote now sometimes show up as blank in both iOS and Evernote on the Mac. Any solutions?
  2. Agreed for nearly three days there was no access via winmo. If I was a paying subscriber (which I would like to be but only when things are consistent) I would be very angry that there was no back up plan.
  3. If it came with a really great UI, then yes, I'd actually pay quite a lot for that. Agreed.
  4. I'm getting this same 0x001000006 error since yesterday. I'm in the UK using the service on a T-Mobile Contract account with standard unlimited data.
  5. Is the IMAP server no longer working? I was disappointed to note that the winmo doesn't store local copies so I really need the imap working. I just keep getting 'cannot connect to incoming mail server'. All the settings and my login are correct. You really ought to have thought this one through before pulling the plug on the only offline method for winmo users.
  6. I have two requests to fix two very annoying attributes of the winmo client - apart from others I have seen here. 1- When a refresh occurs it refreshes everything not just notes e.g. it includes folder hierarchy etc. Currently you have to log out and log in to get this update. You don't have to do this on the iphone. 2- Please can you implement a change that keeps the pen on a default I choose - to have to keep changing to pen and medium in order to make this useful is driving me mad. I'm enjoying using the service but until the UI features across web, PC, WinMo and Ipod are consistent for the basics I can't bring my self to subscribe. It doesn't feel like a complete package yet. Many thanks
  7. It doesn't seem at all possible on the WM version to do this. I use the web, PC, winmo and ipod client and none of them have the same basic set of features! Bizarre.
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