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(Archived) How can I search by reminder or absence of a reminder?

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I have a tasks notebook which contains my tasks.  I use reminders for the tasks and when I am done I check them off.  I now want to search through the notebook and find all notes that don't have a reminder so that I can archive them to another notebook.


Any suggestions on how to do this?   Basically search for the presence or absence of a reminder?

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When you check a reminder off, it sill has a reminder value set. 

You can search for completed reminders by searching



This will return all completed reminders.



Some more search terms can be found here in this note:


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That search doesn't seem to work for me... it's returning all my reminder notes, including all the ones that haven't yet been completed! What's going on? Using latest Evernote for Windows.

Reminder search has been a little buggy recently. With reminderDoneTime being one of the ones that don't work quite right.

That said, I am using the latest Windows beta, and in my limited testing it does appear to work.

reminderDoneTime:* works for me as expected, as does the negative version. Other versions, such as day+1 still are not quite there I don't think.

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Well shoot. How do I get on the beta train? I'm really wanting to use to following three saved searches, can you tell me if they work?


reminderOrder:* -reminderDoneTime:*




reminderOrder:* reminderDoneTime:*


Right now only the second one works as expected.

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