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(Archived) Evernote Email

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I received today a support email telling me about (new?) features of mailing content to Evernote. Generally it is not a bad idea to allow for tagging and notebook selection. 


However, way more useful, in my opinion, would be an option to clip URLs sent to a particular Evernote email address.


I regularly send URLs of articles from other apps to Evernote to later clip the articles. This would be truly great, if I could send the URL to the mail address and Evernote server automatically makes an article clip and stores this clip instead of the plain URL (who wants to store a plain URL anyway?) in my notebook.





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This is only possible with the desktop browser. Not easily with mobile browser, Twitter Client, RSS-Feed Reader etc.


Even worse, unfortunately not even the Evernote client can clip easily. So I cannot open an URL to clip. The only workaround is to send the URL via mail (or type it into a note), then select it, and then use the provided clipping feature. Here is imho definitely room for improvement.


(Would also have the benefit that others can send me articles by just dropping the link into me Evernote mail.)

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