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  1. That is easily explained: I actually tagged notes I clipped with the tag "webclip". Now I count the number of notes tagged like that and compared it with the number resulted by the query mentioned above. the query results in a significantly lower number. It obviously might be the case that I forgot to tag some clips, but I certainly did not tag so many notes as "clipped" wrongly. (this is also the background of my story: I wanted to stop the tagging, but as the query results are wrong this does not pan out for me)
  2. I tried to select all notes made with Webclipper. "source:web.clip" finds only about 70% of the notes that actually were clipped from the browser. It is quite annoying when a query processor is not reliable. Makes it pretty useless when you cannot trust the results...
  3. PLEASE, PLEASE do not remove the evernote:// style note links!! I understand that the current system with sharing and internal links might be somewhat confusing for Evernote rookies, however, it is a very powerful tool to reference locally to Evernote notes. I use it all the time, inside evernote ("wiki style") as well as outside of evernote. Two examples: (1) I use Things as task/todo management solution and often use evernote:// links to refer to details for specific tasks. (2) When I write a book/document, I use evernote for research purposes and often use the evernote links even inside Markdown documents, because in the text editor (e.g. BBEdit) the "Open URL" command opens the very Evernote note locally. I to use weblinks for local purposes. Moreover these weblinks do not work offline. Evernote links do. So please: I think this is one of the most potent power-user features. Do not damage it! Also, not even the current "pasting in Evernote creates evernote:// links" is working consistently. E.g.: copy a note link, then move to a different note, select text press cmd-k and past the link... web-link instead of evernote link. Absolutely not what you want! Kind regards, Alexander Schatten
  4. Actually the same here: Use Evernote on an iMac (Non-Appstore version) and Macbook Air (AppStore version). Descriptive search is not working at all.
  5. This is only possible with the desktop browser. Not easily with mobile browser, Twitter Client, RSS-Feed Reader etc. Even worse, unfortunately not even the Evernote client can clip easily. So I cannot open an URL to clip. The only workaround is to send the URL via mail (or type it into a note), then select it, and then use the provided clipping feature. Here is imho definitely room for improvement. (Would also have the benefit that others can send me articles by just dropping the link into me Evernote mail.)
  6. I received today a support email telling me about (new?) features of mailing content to Evernote. Generally it is not a bad idea to allow for tagging and notebook selection. However, way more useful, in my opinion, would be an option to clip URLs sent to a particular Evernote email address. I regularly send URLs of articles from other apps to Evernote to later clip the articles. This would be truly great, if I could send the URL to the mail address and Evernote server automatically makes an article clip and stores this clip instead of the plain URL (who wants to store a plain URL anyway?) in my notebook. cheers Alex
  7. I am personally not a fan of these "autodetection" features; they drive me mad in word processors already. Moreover, lists have much more fundamental issues as yet: for instance, what is really bad, Evernote does not recognise pure text lists as such. Example: A B C D E Copy this from, say a text editor. Because you copied a list from somewhere else and want to transfer it to Evernote. Then make an Evernote list item and paste. What happens is: • A B C D E not the obviously intended: • A • B • C • D •E To cut it short: getting lists in and out could be much better supported. This "recognising" "1." is, I believe, the wrong way to go. Much better would be a keyboard shortcut to start a list.
  8. But even worse: I found no way to add new Saved Searches or modify existing ones. This is pretty bad for me, as I rely in several projects in quick filtering via Saved Searches ---------- Update to my previous message: Search is still broken to an extent, e.g. "notebook:..." does not work at all, some searches do not appear in "recent searches"; so overall this feature seems to be a construction site. However I just realised that it is in fact possible to save searches: it is (very well) hidden in the Edit|Find menu, but obviously should be in the search window.
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