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  1. Well. Everyone needs different things. However my point was very serious: collaborative editing is not a special feature any longer. It is just expected in such a toll. And expected in high quality, for that matter. Now. Evernote offers a form of collaborative editing since many years, albeit in a terrible quality. Think how even simple sync issues (even from one user) are handled. and also part of the game: versioning. Also existing, but in an obvious screwed on way and also in very bad quality — in every regard from UI to clients I am quite certain you don’t sell such a product anymore in a few years if this is not just working well. Again. Check out the examples I mentioned.
  2. Thanks. I am aware of such workarounds. But they are unfortunately not even remotely what would be needed. These notes always appear in regular searches, in the notebook view. And then all the tags of archived projects that clutter the interface. Sure you can delete or export these notes, which would probably be the closest version to archiving. And maybe re import them into a different account...? All that is messy and annoying. a Service like Evernote that is not targeting kids but professional users should — in my opinion — have an answer to that issue.
  3. Hi I like the improvements on the search front. However, as a Evernote user of about 10 years, I have several thousand notes, partly from old projects not longer active. A major flaw imho of Evernote is that there is no way to archive notes and notebooks. In the sense that you can still access it if required but they go outing the way in „normal“ browsing and searching. i would hope some thoughts go into that as many users will have used Evernote for longer and longer periods of time and will run into this problem. cheers
  4. First of all I am glad that the editor gets a rewrite. I hope that also many long term bugs will be fixed. (For instance nested lists more often then not showed a wonky behaviour while editing.) Anyways. I wonder why no one yet spoke about the elephant in the room: collaborative editing. I think this is a very important feature everyone offers these days and in quite good quality: Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, Apple Pages etc. Currently this is — honestly spoken — quite a mess; particularly when you throw that half dead chat feature into the mix. i think collab and Chat/comments for and about notes is actually very important. What is planned here? thanks and good luck
  5. But even worse: I found no way to add new Saved Searches or modify existing ones. This is pretty bad for me, as I rely in several projects in quick filtering via Saved Searches ---------- Update to my previous message: Search is still broken to an extent, e.g. "notebook:..." does not work at all, some searches do not appear in "recent searches"; so overall this feature seems to be a construction site. However I just realised that it is in fact possible to save searches: it is (very well) hidden in the Edit|Find menu, but obviously should be in the search window.
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