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Please make the note title work the same in Mac and Windows



On Windows the first line of a note is automatically the title.  I believe that behaviors is excellent, that way the user can jump straight to the note body, create a title, and then continue with the note.  It's also nice that way because you see the title within the body of the note when you open it, just as you would with any article or page in a book etc.


However in the Mac client the title and the first line of the note are two completely different things.  So in Mac if I want the title to be in the body of the note I have to enter the title twice, once in the title field, and a second time at the beginning of the note.  I believe the Mac client should be made to operate the same as the Window client does.

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I agree it would be most helpful if the Mac client would Work like OP described. But most important is that they do work the same.

This is one area where I doubt there is a big difference between Mac and Windows users. Come on guys, let's make them work the same!

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