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(Archived) Evernote is unfriendly with fullscreen apps


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Whether I'm gaming or watching a full screen movie, the "sync complete" tooltip at the bottom right will disrupt my current activity. The worst part is having my games forced to minimize, so I lose more than ten seconds because of screen cooldown. Enough time to die at FPS games or lose concentration in Starcraft 2. But the nagging when watching a movie is not pleasant also.


I like the message tooltip, it's useful, but not when using fullscreen apps.


Note, I'm talking about Windows 7 not 8 fullscreen apps.


Please treat this as a bug and consider fixing it :):D

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? Meantime quit Evernote before you get involved in a gaming or viewing session?


Yeah I thought that but I decided to suggest it because, in the end, it's a nuissance quitting and opening all the time: we're frequently watching videos and joining quick gaming sessions, So remembering to open and close Evernote every time is a hassle. And, considering the current average RAM ammount the users have, I don't think they close much of their apps when gaming... Evernote should be just there, in the background.

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OK - well the thought is out there.  Maybe there are some gamer Evernote Employees out there who'll take pity on you..  :)


This is quite more about gaming, but any full-screen application... I think this could be a relatively easy implementation, with a great gain.


Go and uncheck, Tools >> Options >> Sync >> [ ] Enable sync Notifications


The problem, as I stated, is that the tooltip notification is actually good, it makes us feel comfortable that our data has been uploaded to the cloud. Except when it comes to nagging our fullscreen applications :)

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