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(Archived) partial pdf pages, image resizing, horizontal view - will we get them back?



In the new 5.1.x update:   PDFs are now displayed as whole pages vs partial pages (as they were in the horizontal view).  Searching notes that have PDF results produces difficult to see results (see attached).  PDFs with multiple columns of text (like most articles in journals etc) becomes very difficult see or read.  Evernote also now limits the display size of images.  Resizing a note window will not resize the image up to it's original size.  [update: after testing, I have found this applies to jpeg images with an extension of .jpeg.  .jpg, .png images resize normally]


The update also takes away the horizontal view for writing, and viewing notes.  


Is there any idea when or if the functionality of horizontal view, partial page display of PDFs, and image size adjusted up with window size will be added back into Evernote?  Or is this functionality gone for good?


fyi, in the 1167 pixel wide attachment I am searching for "corticostriatal terminals".  Searching for "corticostriatal" alone produced too many results and puts those white blocks around the words making it even more difficult to see the context of search result because the text is so tiny.  post-136009-0-08639000-1369886350_thumb.

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OMG...  thank you so much Evernote!  I had already started to migrate away by doing my writing in Jedit and saving to dropbox, but Evernote works so much better.   I've spent the morning in a much happier writing space.  



However, there is still a problem in displaying images that have an extension of .JPEG.     these images do not resize with the window size.  Although the same image with a .JPG extension do resize correctly.  




But searching through PDFs... oh so much better.  THANK YOU!

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