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  1. Using the most up to date Evernote is the WORST advice. It's the upgrades that create this issue. I know what has fixed this problem in the past. downgrading! make it easy to revert. I am so hesitant to upgrade to any new version because i've been burned by this problem repeatedly. if Evernote corp made downgrades easy, then all these users who suffer from this problem could simply roll back to the last version they had which worked. The only advice that works is to completely back up your copy of evernote, apps and data. And if a new version causes slowness, delete the new version, replace all your data with the old data, and use the old app with the old data. Or trash your evernote completely, revert to the old app, and let it redownload everything from the evernote cloud. but be warned. local notebooks are lost in that scenario. Evernote should make downgrading easy. But I will give Evernote props for making a very stable .enex format. That I still run Evernote on PPC macs and on new hardware and o my phone makes my life so much easier. there really is no replacement for it... which makes the slowness problem so frustrating!
  2. I had slowness issues ever time I did an upgrade (I always reverted to a backup after the upgrade). But the typing slowness issues after upgrading have gone away with a complete reinstall. (it took FOREVER!). The typing slowness is mostly back to something like normal. normal. Evernote still has it's10 sec lag opening notes, searching notes, creating a new notes etc. but the typing, is at least close to text editor speed. My hunch is there may be an error related to bad blocks. I ran a tech tool test on my machine after carbon copy cloner reported a file (the dropbox file sigstore.dbx as it happened) couldn't be copied because of a bad block. I found 8 other bad blocks. (smart status is fine). typically the file system reassigns data to good blocks when it encounters a bad block on a write operation. with my reinstall of evernote and redownloading all my notes I suspect I did a complete write of my evernote installation, and the file system would have marked and moved data in any bad blocks when that happened. anyway, it's something to consider, and it would explain the odd behavior that Evernote does not seem to be able to do anything about, because it is particular to individual drives. Has anyone else done a complete reinstall with a new version?
  3. just upgraded from 6.0.05 to 6.0.13 and it's SLOW. this is insane. running OSX 10.7.5 6.0.5 seems to be okay, so back down I go. Every upgrade i've tried after 6.0.5 has had the slowest. I tried, .07 .10 and now.13 I would love an upgrade to the software that was faster, how about rereleasing version 6.01? I have a version 4 something on a power pc. and it's snappy! any possibility you would let us downgrade to more stable snappier versions? thanks
  4. I updated to 6.06 this morning and it became impossibly slow. 3-10 seconds between every text editing action. Turning off sync does NOT help. I'm in the process of restoring from a backup to move back to 6.05... I hope. mac 10.7 17gig ram. everything about the app became slow. clicking "about" was slow. lots of spinning wheels. why does every third update seem to make the app unusable? I love evernote. It is my work space. but why are the updates so dangerous? It's too bad, I was hoping to try out the new presentation feature, instead of doing copy and pastes from evernote to keynote. at least if my revert works, I'll create an evernote page about how to revert from a bad update and I'll just religiously follow these instructions every time into the future. 1) make carbon copy clone back up of the working drive that has evernote 2) update evernote - if ok YAY! otherwise.... 1) quite evernote and quit evernote in toolbar 2) move folders in ~/Library/Application Support/ com.evernote.Evernotecom.evernote.EvernoteHelperEvernoteEvernote_crashed to backup folder eg: ~/evernote-library-application-support-folders/ 3) move bad evernote application in /Applications to trash.4) copy folders from cloned drive - /clonedrive/Users/user/Library/Application Support/to application support folder: ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernotecom.evernote.EvernoteHelperEvernoteEvernote_crashed ....wait until the copy completely finishes. it's a lot of data... 5) copy old evernote application from cloned drive: /Cloneddrive/Application folder to main drive: /Application folder6) start old application in /Applications folder of main drive. it may fail on first try, quit and start again. !YAY! I just skipped the back up part this time, so I'm having to download a few weeks of data from evernote... Maybe someone else will find these instructions useful. Also, if you don't have a drive to clone to you can manually copy the evernote application support folders and the application to a saved folder (as described in step 2 just copy instead of move) before doing an upgrade and restore from that folder by copying back if the upgrade is unusable. and ya know evernote... you could add this functionality to your update process and allow users to create a revertable version prior to update and revert back to it if the update isn't to their liking... Just a thought. And I noticed that Evernote remembered I had changed preferences to sync manually, so what am I missing in my backup/restore steps? hmmmm... ~/Library/Preferences/ com.evernote.ENAttachmentToPDFHelper.plistcom.evernote.ENAttachmentToPDFHelper.plist.lockfilecom.evernote.Evernote.plistcom.evernote.Evernote.plist.lockfilecom.evernote.EvernoteHelper.plistcom.evernote.EvernoteHelper.plist.lockfilecom.evernote.EvernoteThumbnailer.plist I'm guessing?
  5. Does this mean Evernote will no longer allow attachments? Because 5.4.3 does not let me add pdf or jpeg attachments on 10.6 How can I get an older version that does allow attaching files?
  6. OMG... thank you so much Evernote! I had already started to migrate away by doing my writing in Jedit and saving to dropbox, but Evernote works so much better. I've spent the morning in a much happier writing space. However, there is still a problem in displaying images that have an extension of .JPEG. these images do not resize with the window size. Although the same image with a .JPG extension do resize correctly. But searching through PDFs... oh so much better. THANK YOU!
  7. Since I started this GrumpyMonkey snark thing I want to apologize to GrumpyMonkey. I deleted my post about GrumpyMonkey's 'chastising ' a few minutes after posting it. My post was snarky and off topic. Unfortunately, GrumpyMonkey responded to it before my deletion....keeping it alive! I don't know GrumpyMonkey. He posts here a lot. He obviously likes posting in the forum. It is a service to the community, even if it can rub the wrong way. His dedication to the forums is obvious. GrumpyMonkey, I'm sorry for making it personal. What you do is cool. Thank you.
  8. If anyone is looking for the original(?) inquiry from Evernote staff about horizontal vs list views, you can find it here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34709-horizontal-vs-vertical-list-views/ 7 people responded before May 24th. The first two were Jefito(8,270 posts) and GrumpyMonkey(7,714 posts).
  9. In the new 5.1.x update: PDFs are now displayed as whole pages vs partial pages (as they were in the horizontal view). Searching notes that have PDF results produces difficult to see results (see attached). PDFs with multiple columns of text (like most articles in journals etc) becomes very difficult see or read. Evernote also now limits the display size of images. Resizing a note window will not resize the image up to it's original size. [update: after testing, I have found this applies to jpeg images with an extension of .jpeg. .jpg, .png images resize normally] The update also takes away the horizontal view for writing, and viewing notes. Is there any idea when or if the functionality of horizontal view, partial page display of PDFs, and image size adjusted up with window size will be added back into Evernote? Or is this functionality gone for good? fyi, in the 1167 pixel wide attachment I am searching for "corticostriatal terminals". Searching for "corticostriatal" alone produced too many results and puts those white blocks around the words making it even more difficult to see the context of search result because the text is so tiny.
  10. Many PDFs are essentially unreadable on small screens in the vertical view. searching on them produces hits for text searches, but I can't tell if the data is what I'm looking for without opening up each of the notes in a separate window. in the horizontal view, PDFs are much more readable, and searching thus works much easier. I use evernote to store pdfs of articles for research. many pdfs use two or more columns on a portion of the page, so the text is very very tiny in vertical view. the forced vertical view cripples searching research paper PDFs on a small screen (macbook). also, I take pictures of my chalkboard and whiteboard work to capture that info. in vertical view, those are very tiny too, I can see the whole board but not much detail, the opposite of the horizontal view. [update: this applies only to images with an extension of .jpeg as far as I can tell] wait, it's worse than that. the vertical view caps the size of the image, regardless of how I resize the window, or if I open the note in a new window. if I want to see the image in larger sizes I must open it in a separate application. it used to be that resizing the Evernote window resized the image, that is no longer true. [update: this applies only to images with an extension of .jpeg as far as I can tell] ugh. If I need to use a separate application to write, and a separate application for pdfs, and a separate application to see images in reasonable detail, why am I using Evernote? *sigh* I freaking LOVE you Evernote. You have made my life so much better.... so why are you subtracting functionality?
  11. I was making lots of suggestions. I best like the one about making reminders, xml tags in the note. A check box has extra data too (checked/unchecked) A font tag has font, size, color information. There is no obvious reason a reminder (xml) tag can't be added in the xml format Evernote uses. Moreover, the elimination of the horizontal mode is a design choice, not a software choice. I am sure they could do reminders as in note xml tags, then auto search for such tags to add them to a reminder db that does the reminding. The Reminder option Evernote implemented was a design choice, not really a software choice. but more importantly, this topic is about the horizontal view. Why should reminders eliminate effective uses? They shouldn't. There are many other possibilities, and I just listed the ones that spontaneously came to mind over 30 minutes. Why do you think this forum uses the horizontal view? because it works best for writing. Have you tried using a vertical view forum? they suck, unless you are using a small number or characters... like twitter. Jefito, how much writing do you do in Evernote? Is it full screen? What size is your screen? Just for fun I checked out the web interface... oh there is that veritical format again. and guess what, when I go to edit a note, the edit section doesn't fit on my screen. I have to drag the window half off screen and then expand the page to edit in the right pane.... just like I do in the new Evernote version. dragging a window around to see all your data sucks. yuck. Please Evernote team, fix this.
  12. I do ALL my (non-code) writing in evernote. maybe I should say I used to do all my writing in Evernote. I recommend it to everyone I meet. oh wait, I probably have to stop doing that too. it has really become useless as a writing or note taking tool. BRING BACK THE HORIZONTAL VIEW!!!!! yes, remove reminders. reminders don't really DO anything anyway. It turns the radio dish blue. or if you are in the "all notes" notebook it pops up the reminders section in the notes list. or it will pop up that section if you are in the notebook with the reminder note. but if you are in some other notebook, the only thing that happens is the radio dish goes blue.... not much of a reminder. But if you want to include reminders and a horizontal view here is one way to do it: 1) Add a reminder icon in the menu bar of every note, like the info icon..... oh look you already do that. 2) Add a "magic" folder in the folder column that will show only reminders. Make it blink and beep or something when there is a reminder. (the blue radio dish is nice, but I ignore it most of the time and it's such a subtle change) 3) let a person add in their phone number so the reminder can actually remind the person via their phone with a text message. I send emails to my phone all the time. all the big carriers have an email address for the phone number. 4) Add a pop up window for reminders.... like how calendars works on the mac. 5) Add a message in the little sync pop up when a reminder happens. 6) Make the elephant flash on the menu bar up by the clock. have it make a little elephant sound when a reminder is due... that would be cute! but really, I don't see why I must lose the horizontal view, where I sometimes write thousands of words a day on my 13" mac book, in my Evernote window(never full screen), because you need some real estate to display a reminder.... I mean, wow.... You couldn't just do a little pop-down or something? You couldn't add a persistent message down in the spot that shows syncing? And if I'm not in Evernote, but head down in some code in another application, how does the reminder affect me? It doesn't. it's really useless, but it doesn't have to be. so please, please, please bring back the horizontal view! and in case you are wondering why the horizontal view is so useful, imagine writing a reply to this forum, in list view. oh wait, you can't! This text edit box is actually specified to be really wide, and the list of entries are all above the box, just like the horizontal view that Evernote used to have.... ps. I actually had hoped reminders might be tied to todo like check boxes, but well, I guess not. It wouldn't be so hard to code. a special reminder xml tag (like a checkbox tag on steroids with date info), make an entry in a separate reminders db file (Evernote uses a relational db). any time a reminder is added or dropped from inside a note, update the reminder dbfile. then you could keep one file with lots of reminders in it... like a todo list... I mean this is xml. Evernote team, you could make up your own cool checkbox-todo-reminder tag, and searching all the pages for these tags is.... well it's what you do right? Evernote searches notes great. so yeah, reminders could be xml tags like chkbox or font inside notes, not extra data associated with notes. edit: this response should have been on the other discussion http://discussion.ev...missing-in-511/ where the Evernote employee asked if horizontal view was worth giving up reminders for (my answer is yes.)
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