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  1. Using the most up to date Evernote is the WORST advice. It's the upgrades that create this issue. I know what has fixed this problem in the past. downgrading! make it easy to revert. I am so hesitant to upgrade to any new version because i've been burned by this problem repeatedly. if Evernote corp made downgrades easy, then all these users who suffer from this problem could simply roll back to the last version they had which worked. The only advice that works is to completely back up your copy of evernote, apps and data. And if a new version causes slowness, delete the new version, replace all your data with the old data, and use the old app with the old data. Or trash your evernote completely, revert to the old app, and let it redownload everything from the evernote cloud. but be warned. local notebooks are lost in that scenario. Evernote should make downgrading easy. But I will give Evernote props for making a very stable .enex format. That I still run Evernote on PPC macs and on new hardware and o my phone makes my life so much easier. there really is no replacement for it... which makes the slowness problem so frustrating!
  2. I had slowness issues ever time I did an upgrade (I always reverted to a backup after the upgrade). But the typing slowness issues after upgrading have gone away with a complete reinstall. (it took FOREVER!). The typing slowness is mostly back to something like normal. normal. Evernote still has it's10 sec lag opening notes, searching notes, creating a new notes etc. but the typing, is at least close to text editor speed. My hunch is there may be an error related to bad blocks. I ran a tech tool test on my machine after carbon copy cloner reported a file (the dropbox file sigstore.dbx as it happened) couldn't be copied because of a bad block. I found 8 other bad blocks. (smart status is fine). typically the file system reassigns data to good blocks when it encounters a bad block on a write operation. with my reinstall of evernote and redownloading all my notes I suspect I did a complete write of my evernote installation, and the file system would have marked and moved data in any bad blocks when that happened. anyway, it's something to consider, and it would explain the odd behavior that Evernote does not seem to be able to do anything about, because it is particular to individual drives. Has anyone else done a complete reinstall with a new version?
  3. just upgraded from 6.0.05 to 6.0.13 and it's SLOW. this is insane. running OSX 10.7.5 6.0.5 seems to be okay, so back down I go. Every upgrade i've tried after 6.0.5 has had the slowest. I tried, .07 .10 and now.13 I would love an upgrade to the software that was faster, how about rereleasing version 6.01? I have a version 4 something on a power pc. and it's snappy! any possibility you would let us downgrade to more stable snappier versions? thanks
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