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(Archived) I have TWO "Attachments" folders--what is the second one for?


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It has been mentioned many times here that the folder ~\Evernote\Databases\Attachments holds temporary copies of attachments being viewed, that the permanent copy is stored in the myname.exb file, and that the folder ~\Evernote\Databases\Attachments can be emptied at will. However, I also have a folder ~\Evernote\Attachments, from which I have accidently deleted nearly every file. What are/were the files in the ~\Evernote\Attachments folder? I cannot find anything about this in the forum discussions. I have used a file recovery program and seem to have successfully undeleted at least most of the folder content, and I see items like somefilename.pdf, somefilename.pdf.eninfo, and somefilename.pdf.backup. Sometimes there are only somefilename.backup and somefilename.eninfo files, sometimes only somefilename.backup, and sometimes only somefilename.pdf. Do I need these files?

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I don't have that folder. I just edited an attachment using Open With > Excel and saved it, and there is a copy in ~\Evernote\Databases\Attachments as you say, but I do not have the other.


This is my entire directory structure from a "dir /s/ad/b" command


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The attachments folder would be where temporary copies of attachments are stored when you're editing them in a third-party application. It should be safe to clean these folders out when you're done editing -- generally they get cleaned up automatically, but sometimes the housekeeping can go awry. I'd Exit Evernote completely before doing any such cleanup, but that might just be superstition talking.

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