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Export note for blogger


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Is it possible to export a note from Evernote to a format that can be pasted or imported to the Blogger editor?


i've tried a number of variations, including copy and paste from evernote to Blogger (text fine, no images), Google Drive (same thing), open office.  At least it does show up with the images in open office writer.  Unfortuneately that doesn't make it over into Blogger.


Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

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Blogger doesn't do squat:  no import or upload whatsoever.


From google docs, you can "publish to web," which gives you an iframe code block you can insert (in html mode) into blogger -- resulting in an iframe there.  Not really what I want.


I can easily do a select all in an evernote, copy, and paste into the blogger editor, but that only brings in the text.  Any images are left out.


This is turning out to be a real disappointment because Evernote is so easy to use to put together text and images very close to the way I'd want them in blogger.  And I especially like the fact that I can select a screen segment with windows snipper, which automatically puts the image in the clipboard, and then paste in Evernote puts that image there. No need to clutter up my hard drive with image files I simply want to drop into an evernote and don't need local copies of.


I tried using the same embed code Google docs uses and simply put the shared note url from evernote in place of the google docs url.  This kinda works, it does in fact show up in blogger, but the iframe that displays won't scroll when published, though does scroll in edit mode.  Also it contains a header bar with the evernote logo as well as a "shared by myname"  bar under that. 


Close, but not quite there.


Yes, evernote can export various forms of html, but none of those appear to be very happy going into either blogger or google docs.



I really like how quickly I can work with the image and text handling evernote provides, but really need a simpler way to publish to Blogger.

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You can share a note to an email address which is given in blogger for posting, and the post will be published with original formatting and with pictures.

iba1DOGtdQ5gA7.png result

result in



However you will have to manually remove the "table" tags used by Evernote at the beginning of each post. Add categories manually, if you need to.


and the result 


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If you set up your blog to use email for posting. you get the option to have the email sent directly to publication or to draft. Direct to pub takes the pictures and graphics, I suspect the draft will work the same way.

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