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  1. I think stay-on-top is a necessary option and I don't think it's hard to implement. I really hope the developers are looking into the possibility to add it. For a productivity tool it's a must.
  2. It still would be great to be able to share all notes containing a certain tag, like a saved search result, without the need to share each new tagged note. I wouldn't want to create a separate notebook for that either. It's not the most necessary feature though.
  3. I had to go back to an older version to get it to work. 1.0.6 did not work, but 1.0.5 worked fine. Give it a try. Thanks, that worked.
  4. doesn't work for me at all, no progress after "parsing notes from Evernote" appears.
  5. Are you sure you are using Clearly? I am asking because EN clipper has an option to clip "simplified article" (just as Clearly does), and if your clipper options in "Default clip action" is set to "Last used action", and you used it before, it will keep clipping your articles like Clearly does. I have experienced this confusion myself some time ago. Just select "Always start in Article", if that's the problem.
  6. This is a built-in editor which looks like Skitch, but I guess it isn't, because it doesn't have a resize function. The other multiple-function buttons in the editor have a small grey triangle at the bottom (clocking on it allows you to choose the necessary option), but this button doesn't (although the hover text says "Crop or resize your image"). Am I looking in the wrong direction or is it really missing? Evernote PS: I am not interested in advice to "open with..." Skitch or any other editor, I know I can.
  7. This is an old and known bug which developers are not in a hurry to eliminate :-( As well as allowing selected pages to be printed (not the whole note)
  8. Chrome extension only captures the visible part too (not the whole page)
  9. I have the same issue - in the note window the audio file is invisible (not rendered) although it can be saved via right click
  10. I would like tis feature to be on my Android too. "Untitled note" is really not a very helpful title.
  11. +1. Not the most essential feature, but would make EN infinitely better.
  12. I like the new clipper. It's a little bigger than I'd want to, but it can do practically everything I need. I hope it'll rid of the bugs, but generally I welcome the changes. Developers just responded to what we were asking them to do.
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