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  1. It still would be great to be able to share all notes containing a certain tag, like a saved search result, without the need to share each new tagged note. I wouldn't want to create a separate notebook for that either. It's not the most necessary feature though.
  2. I had to go back to an older version to get it to work. 1.0.6 did not work, but 1.0.5 worked fine. Give it a try. Thanks, that worked.
  3. doesn't work for me at all, no progress after "parsing notes from Evernote" appears.
  4. Chrome extension only captures the visible part too (not the whole page)
  5. +1. Not the most essential feature, but would make EN infinitely better.
  6. I like the new clipper. It's a little bigger than I'd want to, but it can do practically everything I need. I hope it'll rid of the bugs, but generally I welcome the changes. Developers just responded to what we were asking them to do.
  7. I second this, especially regarding the inability to disable (or minimize) Related Notes.
  8. Look at this extension - it has "1-clock send" function, maybe you'll like it
  9. it would be even better to be able to select and save a screenshot, like "Snipping Tool" used to do
  10. I like the look of the font, but it does have a problem: it only looks good when the text is in latin letters. Cyrillic script looks different than English (I guess it looks like Arial). See here:
  11. +1 I've got the same problem Have to trim the doubles manually
  12. I sometimes have the same problem (duplicate note is created with the same creation time, same title, content etc), although I can't figure out the conditions provoking this.
  13. This lack of basic functionality makes me dismiss some other possibilities of EN which I would use otherwise - this is the main reason I don't use "merge" notes and find PDF feature not so useful. For a product like Evernote, the possibility to print a note the way you want is essential.
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