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Downloaded Evernote on PC but it won't "sync to server" to start. Help!


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Help! I need to be able to use the desktop verson on my PC so that I can transfer my onenote files and convert them so that I can use Evernote on my mac. When I download the windows version, and try to start it, it says it can't connect to server. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, hooked up to the ethernet cable directly, reset my router, everything and it won't connect. Please help!

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Hi HuttonFarm, welcome to the forum :)

Can you post the last few lines of the activity log?

Help -> Activity Log

This should help to identify why it is not working.


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sure! from the computer I'm assuming? Because I can't even open Evernote to click on anything. It won't open because it won't do the original sync :( 


Thanks for the nice welcome!! I'm a previous one note user and got a Mac so am switching to Evernote.

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Can you try running Evernote with the command /ShowLog

Press Win + R

In the window that opens, type evernote /ShowLog

This should run Evernote but also open the activity log in notepad. Can you paste the contents here?

May also be worth checking whether Internet Explorer is in offline mode. Evernote cannot sync if this is the case.

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I have the same problem.


I changed my Evernote password, and since then one of my Windows 7 Clients (Evernote 5) can not sync with the server.  I have Evernote 5 working on another Windows Client, the Web and an Android Client.


The problem client makes me login with the old password, and then when I try to enter the new password, it say's it can't synch.  I've deinstalled Evernote 5 twice and rebooted -- same problem.


Would post Log file however I don't seem to have an attachment icon

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I'm having problems "Can't connect to server"

Running XP, evernote the message "failed to sync", internet is fine, can log in on the web page ok

Tried re-installing, no change

Removed and re installed, but now getting the Can't conect to server message on page 1 of 4.

Working fine on my windows 7 laptop, same version

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This is a user forum, you'll get help from other users.


If you have a serious issue like this then you should (use some initiative and) open a support ticket.


On other forums I've been on that are product specific, there is usually someone from the relevant company who can advise if this is a problem that merits a ticket, or just another rtfm problem.

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User forum.

Open a support ticket.

I have opened a support ticket, but they only respond during working hours. If anyone is interested, my solution was to clear the IE explorer history, and


Open IE

Tools tab > Internet Options > restore Adanced Settings and Reset Internet Explorer settings.

Restart IE.


Its obviously not an evernote problem, but its IE preventing some access (but not all) to the internet.


I found this on another forum after searching for "Unable to connect to server" at


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Got to love internet explorer......

I'm surprised no one had mentioned this in any of the posts; it crops up quite often. I don't use IE, but its installed because a few things insist on using IE. It was a complete mess when i looked


FInally got a response from my support ticket, took a week for them to reply with not much help. Not impressed

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Just had the same problem and came across this post. I use firefox as my browser, but IE 11 had been installed a while back by the looks of things and its setup wasn't complete and was set to use a proxy server. Resteing this and Evernote was fine. Microsoft will never understand the concept of modular and layered operating systems. What on earth has the browser got to do with this? Internet settings and the browser (and anything else) that accesses it should be separated.


An operating system for the hard-of-thinking.

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