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  1. Be good to me able to choose only some calendars to auto populate note title. For example, I have a calendar of the India holidays (for work) but I am not interested in the note title being populated with the India holiday!
  2. I think I have it - DTLow you pointed me in the right direction. The "Copy Note Link" does not allow public access, but under More Sharing, Android does not have "Copy Public Link" but has "Post a Link" which then gives "Copy URL". That then is a public link. So 10/10 for functionality still being there there but 0/10 for clarity of menu options and 0/10 for consistency between platforms. Who would have thought that "Copy URL" and "Copy Note Link" would do different things?! Thanks again for pointing mebin that direction.
  3. I just want to share a single note as public to anyone who has the link This thread send to suggest it has changed and not possible any longer.
  4. On Android, we have "Copy Note Link " now. It asks for an Evernote login from anyone accessing it. As this thread seems to suggest, public links seen to be demised.
  5. This is quite ludicrous. The response "the world is moving this way" may be right, but to remove a remove without notice and dispute everyone's use of the product is exactly why I don't touch Apple. I did try , once before to get my family to get Evernote accounts, and then had real trouble with concurrent updates of a note. So they don't want to do that any more. It is a barrier to use to require everyone I want to share a note with to get an Evernote account. I want to use Evernote to record everything I want and then, share it with people in whatever way I see fit. The security of a public note is something I can determine. Please put this feature back in or I will move to another solution.
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