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Feature Request: Add GPS data to photos taken in Evernote app



I took some important photos with the EN app that I wanted tagged with the GPS location. The location was tagged to the note itself. But the photos saved to the camera roll contained no location data and we're missing a bunch if other EXIF data (all the camera data that is normally saved to an iPhone photo).

Could you please tag photos shot with EN with all the information normally saved to a photo taken with Camera.app? Thanks!

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I also need the EXIF information in the photos. It is redundant to have to save the photos to the camera roll simply to get this information. There have been no responses to this topic, please reply.

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+1 to this. I have been lazy and have been taking photos using Evernote, expecting them to show up in my Camera Roll after......... but they lack a) GPS data (so they won't show up in Places in the Camera app), and B) they lack ANY EXIF data, in fact. So when I export them to Lightroom, the capture time is completely wrong (when taking photos in the EST timezone, the capture time was -11 hours off for some reason!). At the very least, please capture EXIF data. At the most, please append GPS data. 


Bit of a shock actually - I assumed everyone these days embeds at least basic EXIF data. 

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