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  1. These "upgrades" are really starting to wear me out. I can no longer move PDF files to and from notes because of the new PDF viewer. Now, I have to take an extra step each and every time just to move a note! What gives? It seems that Evernote is causing a decrease in my productivity with these updates rather than an increase. When I look for solutions to these problems, all I see are other people complaining about the same problems that never get resolved. It's a shame, but I am going to have to start exploring other options for similar software. Evernote has always been a huge part of my day that made life easier. Now, each update brings new problems. Listen to your subscribers....PLEASE!
  2. I am also having the same problem with this change. I need the ability to drag and drop files both to AND from Evernote.
  3. I also need the EXIF information in the photos. It is redundant to have to save the photos to the camera roll simply to get this information. There have been no responses to this topic, please reply.
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