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  1. Was just about to post the same. Woohoo! Not that I think EN is off the hook, I kinda want this to not happen exactly as @PDCLarry2 said...
  2. Yeah, I guess that's a fair position, but with all due respect to the amount of effort the EN team puts into the app, I guess I didn't think that it's a "complex" enough app to be completely disabled by an OS upgrade. Hell, some (theoretically) more convoluted apps continue working fine, which means the EN app must've been relying on some pretty weirdball aspects of iOS 12 to cease functioning in 13. Guess we wait...
  3. To be honest, I don't really like rolling back iOS releases. Although I recognise that I dive in head first off a bridge into cold water every time I go with (any) OS beta, I kind of expect apps to sort of follow within some time - but we're about to hit beta 4 of iOS 13, and it's been out for over a month, but Evernote has not kept up. I know they often don't work, have bugs, etc - I've been using OS betas since Windows 'Chicago' and Win'97 Nashville (and I use final versions of MS OSs, which aren't necessarily always better :D ), so I know a bit about bugs; but it should really not make basi
  4. I signed up for the iOS beta as well to see if this can be fixed. I've been unable to use Evernote for almost a month now, so I've been incredibly frustrated - I use it for travel blogging, and I'm two full month-long trips behind. At the moment, I ran the Evernote to Onenote converter, and I'm using Onenote to backfill all the notes. If EN doesn't start working soon, I'm moving off to Onenote completely... even though I just paid for a year of Pluson EN. With iOS b1, it was just crashing on start, now it shows notes fields but keeps spinning. Never mind that the Shortcuts app doesn'
  5. Evernote has never weighed in on this subject. I've not retried since - but frustratingly, they've appeared to imply that this request doesn't make sense and is not a priority .
  6. +1 to the EXIF request. It is frustrating that Evernote-captured photos contain NO data - not even "capture time" - rendering them utterly useless for subsequent photo library storage. I'm going through all the Evernote photos I took recently and manually adding GPS/EXIF data using ExifTool now. Not my idea of fun.
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