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(Archived) can't quit "Premium" pane



First time I've ever had a problem with Evernote.


I was looking at the "Premium" pane in EN. Anything I click on to get out of it (another notebook, etc.) crashes EN. When I reopen EN I'm in the Premium pane again, same thing happens. I even tried rebooting my Mac. Same problem. 


I sent a note to support. Evernote is closed weekends, plus I'm not a premium member (ironically, I was looking at the premium pane to see if i should upgrade) so it looks like I can't use EN for a while. I use it every day. Major problem!


iMac 21.5-inch, Mid 2011

OS X 10.8.3

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Hi - declaration up front; I'm Windows user,  but we don't have a 'Premium Pane' that I'm aware of. Are you using the desktop client? - There's a Premium item on the toolbar which allows me (as a prem user) to switch accounts.  Don't recall the situation before being premium.  There's nothing on the web page.  What can you actually see on the page that you're stuck on?


Before you do too much more I suggest (if you haven't already done so) that you backup your database carefully - the instructions are around here if you search.  A forum Mac user should be along in a while with some more relevant suggestions!

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OK, so I solved this by filling out the form and upgrading (for a month, anyway). Then I was able to get out of the upgrade pane. I doubt that Evernote intended for this to happen, to force an upgrade. I'll follow up on this with support. 

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