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(Archived) Notebook Pane auto Scrolling - driving me nuts


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So, I've had this problem for several versions now (windows xp). I click on a notebook in the left pane and it pulls up the notes in the right, but.... After I click on the left it scrolls down to tags automatically. It's not a big deal, but it's making me crazy. 


Anyone have this problem?

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You could use F10 or the View menu to switch that panel off..  I had that issue briefly a while back,  but assumed it was a sticky mouse or bad clicking on my part.  It might mean your hardware is maxed out in one way or another,  but unless there's a lot more feedback from similar issues I don;t think this is an Evernote problem...

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This happens to me also. Just did it again yesterday.

So 99% of my Evernote use is to shut down the left panel (F10) as Gaz mentioned. And rely on Evernote Search Grammar (or BitQwik) to narrow the selections when needed.

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