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(Archived) I'm finding Evernote completely unintuitive! How do I...?

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Evernote is driving me completely crazy with, for me, its non-intuitiveness. All I want to do is put a powerpoint file in a note and then have a link (via the share icon which I found) that I can send to people to allow them to access it. I would LOVE to have an icon that allows me to go into my computer and download such file into the note, but I don't see that. In/with a past note, I've dragged and dropped the file into the note, which is a functionality I discovered completely by mistake, but now that I'm trying this in a new note the file opens up and I'm not in Evernote anymore, as far as I can tell. I can back arrow from there, but then I'm looking at an empty note again. Perhaps I'm dragging and dropping it into the wrong place? Would it be too much to ask to have the Evernote screen say "drag and drop file here"? If anyone could help me figure this out, I'd be most appreciative.

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  Are you using the Windows desktop client,  or are you adding your file in a browser window via the web client?


Things are generally easier if you use the desktop version,  and you should see a menu in the top left of your Evernote window that starts File, Edit, View etc.


When editing a note,  choose File and Attach Files from the drop-down menu,  then locate the file you want to insert and it will be added to the note.


Beware that if you're adding a PowerPoint (PPT) file to a shared note,  only your shares that have the Office suite (or at least the PowerPoint bit) installed on their computer will be able to see the slides.


Within PowerPoint you can save to a file type that will run a slideshow on any machine,  but it's not part of the normal file saving process.


I appreciate this can all seem like learning a foreign language when you first start - and Windows itself often doesn't help much - but it's pretty easy once you get used to it!



Edit: It is relevant what sort of account you have too - Free users have a limit of 25MB per note,  although they can embed any file type - this changed in 2011!  If your file is very large,  you may have to be very patient for the upload to complete - and it also may exhaust your upload limit for the month (60MB for a free account).

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Hi. Welcome to the forums. Could you send us some screenshots?


It should be a fairly simple process. Create a note. Drag your PowerPoint file into the note. Sync your account. Create a shared note link. Email that to your colleagues. 

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