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(Archived) REQUEST: Workflows/Macros

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I have been using Evernote in earnest for the last few months and it is an indispensable tool for me. However, I am missing a means of automating some repetitive tasks.


As an example, one use I have for EN is as a basic to do list. When an item still needs to be done it is tagged "action", and when I am done I remove the "action" tag and add the "done" tag. I know I can bulk edit notes, but even then I have to remove one tag and then add another.


If there was a way of creating a workflow or macro which I can link to a hotkey, I could quickly mark items as done with a single key press. Workflows/macros could be extended to cover any common tasks found in EN, not just tagging.


This ability make sense on Desktop clients. Though I see no reason why it couldn't be done for mobile clients, too. 

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AHK (AutoHotKey) will automate pretty much anything that moves - it's cross-platform for desktops and cross application so has a lot of potential uses.  Evernote are wary of including things in their standard note editor that might overcomplicate it,  or add value for only a small number of their users - and they don't want to compete with developers who are already established and more experienced in specialist fields.  (They do, however buy the occasional app developer...)


Anyhoo. The developers will have noted your suggestion and may add it into their roadmap.  When or whether it will get delivered no one can say.  :)

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Thanks for your suggestion gazumped.


Do you have a link to a resource with AHK scripts for Evernote? I have made some of my own hotkeys but I find Evernote doesn't always play nice. I need to put in Sleep commands everywhere (which looks untidy) and when I think it is working, it'll suddenly decide it will only work properly if I increase the sleep time.


I started with no Sleep at all and it rarely worked. I have then gone from Sleep 50 to Sleep 200.


If there are mature/tested scripts around there is no point me developing my own.

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Agreed - I never developed anything very complex;  I go for automating simple but repetitive steps.  Don't have anything worth sharing anyhow.  I've never noticed any problem with the script not working.. if you have any specifics I'd raise a support request for individual cases.  It may be a problem with AHK or with Evernote but I've never seen anyone else even mention it.

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