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  1. It doesn't work well at all for me. First you have to make sure your stylus touches the screen first, then rest your hand. Even then there are still random lines and squiggles where my hand has been. Maybe it's just my giant hands! With a zoom window, I can rest my palm on my desk. Since the zoom window (should) adjusts left or right and next lines, I don't have to move my writing hand much at all.
  2. I would also like to add my +1. Penultimate writes beautifully, but there is absolutely no way anyone can write naturally without a Zoom Mode. Unless of course you normally write with your hand hovering in the air! I currently use Noteshelf as it writes well and its Zoom feature is very good. Some useful Zoom features would be: Zoom (obviously)Automatic scrolling to the right (or left) and down to the next line when you reach the end of the Zoom boxAbility to move the active Zoom area manually and resize itIntelligent sizing/spacing of line guides depending on the paper type being used (plus ability adjust if necessary)Palm rejectionAll of these features can be found in Noteshelf if you want to see them in action.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion gazumped. Do you have a link to a resource with AHK scripts for Evernote? I have made some of my own hotkeys but I find Evernote doesn't always play nice. I need to put in Sleep commands everywhere (which looks untidy) and when I think it is working, it'll suddenly decide it will only work properly if I increase the sleep time. I started with no Sleep at all and it rarely worked. I have then gone from Sleep 50 to Sleep 200. If there are mature/tested scripts around there is no point me developing my own.
  4. I have been using Evernote in earnest for the last few months and it is an indispensable tool for me. However, I am missing a means of automating some repetitive tasks. As an example, one use I have for EN is as a basic to do list. When an item still needs to be done it is tagged "action", and when I am done I remove the "action" tag and add the "done" tag. I know I can bulk edit notes, but even then I have to remove one tag and then add another. If there was a way of creating a workflow or macro which I can link to a hotkey, I could quickly mark items as done with a single key press. Workflows/macros could be extended to cover any common tasks found in EN, not just tagging. This ability make sense on Desktop clients. Though I see no reason why it couldn't be done for mobile clients, too.
  5. I suppose I was hoping for a more streamlined SharePoint in a sense. SharePoint is great for storing Office documents and ensuring they are only seen by those who should see them. It has good mechanisms to prevent data being lost permanently and can handle conflicts. However, it can be clunky and some things take more clicks/actions than should be necessary. Also, access remotely can be a pain and good luck not going completely batty trying to access it on a mobile browser. Evernote on the other hand excels at letting the user quickly add, edit, find and share notes, all on any platform you like. If SharePoint was as slick as that, it would be perfect. If Evernote had a decent central repo, it would be perfect!
  6. I never expected EB to be anywhere close in terms of features with SharePoint or other Enterprise CMS, but I hoped there would be something befitting a product carrying the "Business" moniker. Reading another thread, apparently EB is aimed at companies with "only" a few hundred users. I'm sorry, Evernote team, but on what planet does a few hundred users not need robust change controls and permissions? :/ At this point I don't see much benefit over Evernote Free or Premium, other than increased storage.
  7. C6REW, I am under no delusions as to what Evernote is and is not. However, conflicts are a reality with any document/information storage with multiple access. Some documents may never change once created. However, other documents/notes may be works in progress or are updated regularly. With more users, the likelihood of two people editing the same note simultaneously goes up. For Evernote Business to work, it needs a robust way of handling these conflicts. SharePoint, for its flaws, is very good at conflict management. You can prevent a conflict outright by "locking" a document when you edit it. While locked, the document is Read-Only to everyone else. When no locking occurs, it saves everyone's edits as different versions. So, worst-case, someone can simply merge both sets of changes if necessary. Nothing is lost. What does Evernote do? Does it accept the most recent save as gospel? Does it automatically merge? Is there any type of locking? At this point I assume it just accepts the most recent change, especially given most if not all clients only sync periodically. At this point I think EB is a nice idea, but there are too many unknowns and deficiencies for it to be a viable tool. I think a few peculiarities with SharePoint are worth it for its extensive features, versus what may turn out to be a massive headache with Evernote Business. I haven't completely convinced myself out of using EB as I believe it could have a place, but just not yet. It doesn't help that there is no trial version of the product. All I have to go on is incomplete documentation and the forums. Neither of which fills me with much confidence.
  8. Given there could be dozens or hundreds of users using EB, not being able to group people by role/security level is a huge administrative overhead. Then again, the permissions system in EB appears to be minimal. EB can still be useful for us for things everyone should need access to. Sensitive documents can remain in SharePoint. What system does EB use to resolve conflicts? Does it not lock notes if they are being edited by another user? Testing is a given, unfortunately I haven't seen a link to a free trial. To test it properly would cost money - money that would be completely wasted if I decide it is not fit for purpose.
  9. Thanks for your reply, Jon. I appreciate it. Do permissions work on a per-user basis, or can I create groups and apply permissions on a per-group basis? There aren't a plethora of potential users so modifying permissions per user shouldn't cause much of an overhead, but groups are preferable - especially for future growth. The fact I can limit what users can and can't see is great. It's a shame the docs don't seem to make any of that obvious. A trial version would be nice! Can you comment on the first part of my post, regarding the apparent problems with Evernote Business? Are these issues isolated events? Have they been addressed?
  10. Hi there I am an Evernote Premium user and I absolutely love it. In such a short time I have managed to go mostly paperless and now have instant access to my notes and meanderings! Being the head of IT for the company I work for, I quickly started seeing the potential for everyone here to use Evernote. So I look up Evernote Business. I can see from all the blurb Business users have Personal and Business notebooks, and stuff can be quickly shared among all users. This sounds ideal. Currently we use SharePoint for many of our documents but, aside from a few specific use cases, SharePoint is a pain in the backside to use - especially for the less computer literate. EB on the other hand is far more intuitive and flexible regards to the various platforms it supports. However, after looking through the forums I am starting to wonder if Evernote Business is worth the hassle. There are a litany of complaints regarding EB and some appear quite serious. Is EB worth the time/effort or should I wait a while for stuff to be sorted out? Trying to sell a new tool to my colleagues is one thing, quite another if said tool is full of issues! I am also struggling to find out if there are any kind of access restrictions that can be applied on notes/notebooks? I did submit a question to Evernote "Buisness Specialists' but haven't heard a peep, yet. As you can imagine in any business there is information which needs to be shared by some, but is not for the eyes of others. Can these types of restrictions be applied to notes? Making stuff Read-Only is a start, but can I prevent certain users from seeing specific notes/notebooks that are shared to the Business portion of the software? In short, does Evernote Business have any kind of Role-Based Access Control for shared notes and notebooks?
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