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(Archived) Dark grey background after a search is terrible!



I posted this on an old thread but decided to start a new topic. I am having a terrible time reading my documents after a search. Why does the background turn dark grey? I've never seen this before. Usually the background stays white, the text is black and the highlighting is yellow or whatever color you choose for highlighting. Evernote...can this be changed? After researching, I've noticed that this has been requested before.
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If you mean a response from Evernote here in the forums, that's entirely possible: this is a user forum, and Evernote staff do not respond to every post, though they read them all.


If you want a response from a real Evernote staffer, then you should open a support request.

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I've noticed that this "request" has been "noted" by Evernote staff for years but nothing ever changes. What exactly does "noted" mean? Is this being worked on? Is this even being considered?

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