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  1. Thank you for the zoom! One thing I noticed is that zooming a note with a pdf seems to be backwards: CMD + “-“ increases size and CMD + "+" decreases size. If a note has type and a pdf, CMD + "+" will increase the type size and decrease the pdf size at the same time. Hope that makes sense. Hope that makes sense...
  2. Thank you so much! I would pick either #1 or #2 (I actually prefer #2 but #1 would be fine also) and #4. #4 would be such a relief for my eyes! Thanks again.
  3. I finally did get a response from support. After telling me that updating my app should correct the problem, he backtracked and said this: Thanks for getting back to me, and I apologize for the confusion. It is expected behavior for the links to open in Evernote Web, and a popup should allow you the option to open the link within the application. Please know that I will document your suggestion to allow links for email reminders to open in the Evernote application for our product team to consider. Nobody will acknowledge that this behavior has changed just recently...
  4. Thank you gazumped. Reminder links were working just fine and then stopped when, I believe, I updated my desktop app to v6. The link eventually opens the note in Evernote but takes the long way...it opens the note in my browser and then goes to Evernote for Mac and opens the note there. It takes too long and, in my opinion, it reduces the usefulness of reminder links. I wrote support a week ago but haven't gotten an answer. I was hoping to get some responses here to see if others are experiencing the same behavior???
  5. When I click on the link in an email reminder, it no longer opens the note in Evernote for Mac...instead, it takes me to my Evernote account in my browser and opens the note there and after that opens the note in Evernote for Mac. Is there a setting that I'm missing? This behavior started after updating to Evernote 6. I'm currently using v6.0.6. I contacted Evernote a week ago about this but haven't gotten a response yet.
  6. A zoom feature has been requested for years, both for the Mac and Windows versions. Evernote has completely ignored those requests and has not even responded. Evernote...can you explain why? Is it more difficult than we think it is to add this feature? Please just respond...
  7. I'd like to know the status on the "zoom" feature also. Evernote is so good...zooming is the only thing lacking.
  8. chobe

    mac REQUEST: Zoom

    Please add zoom function for notes...
  9. Please add zoom function for notes...
  10. We had many users requesting a Vertical List View and it fit in well with our overall new Reminders UI. Would you guys have preferred to keep Horizontal List View over Reminders or vice versa? _______________ To answer this question, I vote keep Horizontal List View over Reminders. I don't understand why it's one or the other but if it comes down to a choice, I find the Horizontal List View to be more important than Reminders. In fact, I just downgraded. Also, the Horizontal List View font was much easier to read than it is in the Vertical List View. Why was the background color changed? In 5.0.7 the background was alternating white and very light blue stripes. The type letter spacing was more open, now it's kerned very tightly and much harder to read. It would really be helpful, in the future, if you'd mention what features have been eliminated as well as what's been added in the "what's new" so users can decide whether to upgrade or not.
  11. +1 Please add zoom function for notes and text size choice for list view copy and side bar copy for Mac OS.
  12. That's the view I use, or did use, also. Is it gone?
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