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Feature of sorting notebook individually

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Evernote does provide sorting for a list of notebooks as a whole. When
you set the sorting/ordering you like, all notebooks are sorted in the
same way. Many times, I found there is a need to sort each notebook
differently based on the needs. If Evernote can provide the function to
allow user sort each notebook differently and remember it. This function
will greatly help me to arrange my booknotes. Thanks.

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I agree. I've wanted this since I started using Evernote. Some notebooks are best sorted by date so I can find the last note I entered, while other notebooks should be alphabetical so I can find the note title. Perhaps a default sort in the notebook properties section.

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The ability to drag the icons\titles of a note into a new order would be an excellent feature.

That's a different feature than that of the current topic.
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Another big +1 to this idea, we really need this feature.


I have several notebooks, some need to be sorted chronologically (journal entries) and others need to be sorted by title (todo list, where titles begin with a priority indicator).  I move back and forth between these notebooks constantly, and having to reset the sort order *every* time is exceedingly painful. 

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I too would love to see this, or at least a way to 're-sort' when you change a name (by the default alphabetical)...  


Today, I have to create a stack (with two notebooks) and then unstack them - PITA (do't get me wrong - not the end of the world, but I assume this would not be a difficult script).





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