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  1. Yeah, Verno, I do like the price. But after spending $500 on a tablet for handwriting, I don't want to kick myself for cheaping out over a $45 difference. I am skeptical about handwriting altogether on a tablet. I have a ThinkPad Helix for laptop and used to have an iPad 1 with a couple styli. I wasn't happy with the iPad 1st gen, but am willing to give the iPad another shot. While he helix is good, I need a notebook or something for note taking in addition to it. So this iPad will ideally replace the Evernote Moleskine I carry around. If handwriting is the same, then my only question is really, do I need/want pressure sensitivity for handwriting? I didn't realize the pixelpoint was so new until Scott pointed it out. Thanks. I guess I'll just have to pick one and go with it. Sounds like the Script would do what I need. Thanks for the input.
  2. I know Evernote officially supports the Jot Script, but I see there is a new Jot Touch with Pixelpoint. I am getting a new tablet strictly for note taking for meetings/client appointments. From what I've read, the Bluetooth technology is the same so it should work, but buttons may not be supported in the penultimate app. My question is, has anyone used this new pen in penultimate and how well does it work compared to the script? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  3. +1 to fix this bug sooner than later. I just got a response from Evernote chat regarding this. "After further research, the Windows client is functioning as designed" is part of the response I got, and he said Windows functions differently than a Mac, but they will pass along this information to the developers. This was very frustrating for me as well, and has been since October. I'm considering going back to version 4 until this is working properly. I am having a hard time searching through notes without it since I have so many tags and only a couple notebooks with thousands of notes in each. I'm losing faith that it will be resolved any time soon, and in order to function better at work, I'll revert back to 4 for the time being.
  4. I too would love to have this feature. I only have a few notebooks, but each serves a different purpose, so I would like to sort them differently and if possible with different columns.
  5. +1 to this idea. As I have different needs for physical notebooks, I have a couple notebooks I would like to sort differently and use differently than the rest.
  6. +1 here for the global keyboard shortcut going to default notebook. I almost want to get a mac for that reason alone. That feature would be awesome. I can live with my Scansnap going into whichever notebook I'm currently in then moving the notes, but I understand your frustration z0rl2c.
  7. Thanks. That makes sense. This is what I was doing. Here is my saved search for Food: notebook:Primary any: tag:Breads tag:Breakfast tag:"crock pot" tag:Dessert tag:Dinner tag:Drinks tag:Kids tag:Lunch tag:"Make Ahead" tag:"Meal Planners" tag:Party tag:Random tag:"Side Dish" tag:Snacks tag:Soups So it makes sense that I wouldn't be able to search within those results since they are an OR search and not an AND search. I wish I could though. Too bad there isn't a way to put all that in parentheses or quotes and then narrow down the search. Programming was never my strong suit. It's not a big deal. With my entire life in Evernote, this is a fairly minor problem for me. Maybe I will just do as you said and add all results to the Food tag. Easy enough. I was expecting an email or something so I didn't check back until now. I just figured out how to follow topics. This is the first post to any forum I think I have ever made. Being an IT consultant, I spend half my life on forums, but for the first time I felt it necessary to ask a question. Thanks Owyn for the feedback. I appreciate it. This EN forum has some very helpful people and it is much appreciated. I spend a few nights a week reading through it as well as the EN blog for new ways to incorporate it into my life more. The more I use it the more my life is simplified. Sorry for the rambling.
  8. Works great for me. Thanks. Now is there a way to bring up a saved search like above, and then search within that? I will try to explain as best I can. Here is the scenario. I have a single notebook I put most things in. I have Food tags and created a custom search so that it includes all notes in any of the food tags such as Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast, etc. I click on my saved search and all items in breakfast, lunch, or dinner show up. When I try to search within the saved search by using the search field at the top, my results don't change. I have tried this on a laptop and desktop with the same result. I am running on the latest version of EN Windows.
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