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Copy Skitch image to clipboard?


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I have taken a screenshot in Skitch, and added a text box.  I want to copy this, and paste it into <insert application here>.


1) Select All

2) Observe that my text box is selected

3) Copy

4) Switch to <insert application here>

5) Paste

Actual: My text box is pasted, but the screenshot image is not.

Expected: The text box & screenshot is pasted


Workaround 1:  Use the built-in Mac screenshot utility (control-command-shift-4) and paste

Workaround 2: Export skitch image to a PNG file.  Open the file in Preview.  Do Select All & Copy.  Then paste into <insert application here>


Surely there is some way to copy the Skitch contents that I am just missing?  My usage doesn't require saving to file / evernote.  I just want it in the clipboard




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Are you using Skitch 2.0.4?


  1. If so then you need to first deselect the text. You can do this by clicking anywhere on your image except another Skitch annotations.
  2. Then simply do a CMD+C or use the Edit menu and select Copy and you'll copy the entire image + any Skitch annotations to your clipboard and can now copy and past this into any application.

For many applications on the Mac you can also simply use the Drag Me tab at the bottom and drag the image to the other app. 

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THANK you Joe! Frankly I probably would not have figured that out! I recommend you add a "copy image" menu item to the edit menu as this is an extremely helpful feature that would take a lot of experimentation to figure out (I think most people--like me--would decide that they are unable to "select" the image and thus give up!)...

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I am using V2.3.0.159 and cannot get the clipped image to copy to the clipboard with the annotations.  Windows 7 PC. It doesn't matter what tool I have used for annotation, where I click on the image after annotation, or if I change tools.  Any ideas?

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