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(Archived) Need help searching for specific dollar values within the note


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I'm running evernote on a Windows PC. As a small business owner, I import a LOT of invoices, receipts, etc into Evernote. I am trying to search for a note that has specific dollar value in the body of the note (most likely a PDF file because I scan 98% of the files I save in Evernote). So for example, I'm looking for a scanned invoice/receipt that has the value $439.26 in the body of it somewhere. I've tried just typing the exact dollar value into the search box but I am not having any luck, yet I know the invoice/receipt is in there somewhere, I just need to find the darn thing. Any hints on how to search for a specific dollar value? I tried searching the forum for some sort of clue prior to posting, but didn't have any luck with that. Thanks in advance. :)

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While that narrows it down a bit, I'm still getting a lot of notes where there are partial phone number matches (xxx-439-xxxx), or partial account number matches, and other extraneous notes. A lot of them unfortunately. So basically, there's no way to search for a specific dollar amount?

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Try putting the dollar amount in the searchbox between quotes:


Also I would create a TAG "bills" (or whatever) so that in the future you may hunt down bills with ease.


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Wern wins the prize! The quotes did the trick. :) Thank you so much for the help. I have huge invoices with lists of inventory and I was looking for a specific inventory line item on one invoice, and was having a difficult time tracking it down. I found it hard to believe that we wouldn't be able to search for a dollar value, since this program is promoted for business use, but I just didn't know how to accomplish it. Thanks all! :)

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