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(Archived) How do I send multiple pages to EN?


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I know that the new Penultimate auto syncs my penultimate notebooks as notes in EN - that is great. I also know that when viewing a single note page I can "open in evernote". But how do I open 2 or more pages in EN as a single note? I used to be able to do this with the earlier version.

I use Penultimate in meetings, and after the meeting I like to send the meeting notes pages to EN as a single note. I don't think I can easily do this any more (I could email them I guess, but that sort of defeats the point of EN integration).

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How do you select pages?

You tap on the little grid icon so you see the multiple page view and then select "Edit" and then tap on the pages you want to send. Then you can select the send to icon and email them.

I still think emailing is pretty lame though for an app that is supposedly integrated with EN.

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