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  1. That's how notability works, and it seems pretty reasonable. If I start a new note the default title is simply "Note Feb. 21, 2012" The next note I create on the same day is "Note Feb. 21, 2012 (1)" etc. So they sort nicely and I can quickly find and retitle them later as needed. Although I don't mind the autotitle EN uses right now (I actually like it in some situations and am fine with overwriting it in other cases) I can see why others might prefer a different behavior.
  2. This has been a great topic to follow, because I'm figuring out where to draw that e-line myself right now. I do use a "temporary" tag for things I know I'll need to refer to in the near future, but expect to toss after the meeting/appt/due date or whatever it pertains to has passed. The plan is to go thru all my temporary notes at the end of each month, and either delete them or remove the temp tag and file. So far it works well and saves me from dithering over whether or not something is "Evernote worthy." By the way, I just refinanced my house and they offered me the option of e-closing. I jumped at it. All the docs were posted on a secure web page so I could review and digitally sign them at home, before the closing meeting. The few (like 3) that require a notarized signature, we just did digitally at the title company's office and they e-notarized them. Copies of everything were downloaded to a thumb drive, which they handed to me at the end of the very short meeting instead of a 2 inch stack papers. And as soon as I got home, I put them all into Evernote. Worked like a charm.
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