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  1. I'm really sorry to see all the problems users are having. For what it's worth - and as another data point for those trying to troubleshoot this - I saw some bugginess right after upgrading to iOS7 but an uninstall and reinstall of EN and fresh download of all notes took care of it for me. Seems to be syncing my 1900 notes fine, with no missing data, and typing new note text doesn't jump at all. Personally, I like the new interface very much. When the bugs related to search capability are fixed and the announcements are easier to drop to the bottom, it'll be great. Although I do miss the formatting and indent tools mentioned early in this thread - would love to get those back but they're not deal breakers. Edited to add: I'm using EN on an iPad 3 and an iPhone 5S, plus an iMac and a Windows laptop
  2. Are you talking about the camera tool inside Evernote, or in Apple's camera app? In Evernote, you do swipe from right to left to get from regular photo frame to document frame. This is similar to navigating elsewhere in iOS, where you swipe to go forward or back in web pages, photos, camera settings, etc. It's intuitive if you do those other things in iOS. When you swipe into the document frame the flash automatically comes on and stays on. At least this is how it's working on my iPhone 5S. Maybe it doesn't work as well in older iOS devices? Edited to add: the camera tools don't cover up any part of the photo in either regular or document frames on my iPhone...
  3. I've been doing the one-link-at-a-time version of this to create what I was calling index notes, e.g. for meetings with lots of handouts or for talks I was giving where I needed to jump out to various docs. But somehow I hadn't picked up on the batch process for quickly creating a TOC. Will be playing with this a lot now!! And yes, I would love to see this fully functional on mobile devices. I'm delighted that can use a TOC (index) note on my iOS devices, but am frustrated that I can only create them on my desktop or laptop. I do a lot of meeting prep my iPad, and often end up muttering under my breath and writing myself a reminder to create a linked note when I get home/back to my desk.
  4. I'm not nearly as knowledgable or experienced with Evernote as the two previous responders, but I do use Evernote daily (at work and at home) and have about 2000 notes at this point. I thought I would chime in just to show a mid-level, semi-techy user's perspective on the tags and notebooks parts of your request. I'm not sure what you mean by needing to enforce structure through advanced tags (true tech folks know exactly what you mean, I'm sure - I'm just not one of them). It seems to me that you can already do just about anything with tags, searches, good titles, and a little creativity. I use prefixes to create structure in my tags, include a group that represents active projects. Combined with saved searches I have essentially unlimited "virtual" notebooks (aka filters; ways to select and view batches of notes with a couple clicks). This way anyone can use simple naming conventions to build a custom organization system that does exactly what they want. As B&F said there are lots of good ideas for doing this in other threads. As you can see, I am totally sold on using tags to organize info. I'm not saying folders are bad, only that if you are finding it awkward to navigate to notes in the system you're using and are willing to experiment, tags are a great alternative to using more folders. I put a high value of getting things into EN quickly, and retrieving them equally quickly. Tags do this really well. And I love not having to decide which single folder I need to put each note into, then drill down to that folder (assuming I remember what I picked) every time I want to retrieve the note. My apologies if I've totally misunderstood what you are asking for. Just wanted to say that the more I use Evernote, the more I find the current tools to be extremely powerful, and I that I value the flexibility that allows me design my own organization system.
  5. The things that immediately came to mind when I read the OP were: 1. everything on one place, no need to remember which app I used to store a bit of info I need to retrieve. Plus when I search for an item in Evernote I will also be reminded of other, related notes that might be helpful vs. going to Pages to fetch the pages document, and forgetting about the relevant web clip or PDF or whatever stored elsewhere. 2. search capabilities - regardless of format, from pictures to notes to attachments 3. cross- platform and web access - notes available to me everywhere in a nice interface These have all been mentioned and described well by previous posters. One more that's a big deal to me, that has been alluded to but not described in detail: 4. Tools for linking related information. It's kind of like the benefits of having everything in one place (#1) but more direct and pre-planned. For example, I love being able to put a meeting agenda and prework documents and either all together on one note or (if there's a lot of info or I want to tag some items differently) in linked notes. Then I can bring up that one note while I'm in the meeting and have all the necessary documents in front of me regardless of what format they're in. I can also take notes during the meeting in the same note if I want to. I used to have docs in EN, Dropbox and Pages/Numbers but I was forever looking in the wrong app for what I wanted. So I went "all in" with Evernote and as others said, that's when the magic happened. That said, I do still use OmniFocus and iCal for reminders and task/time management. It's info storage that I choose to consolidate in EN. Edited to add: as you can see from this comment, I would say Evernote's main value to me is fast, efficient info retrieval. Note taking is a common but secondary use. I use a lot of different tools to create content (including EN), one tool to store and retrieve it.
  6. I have to say I like the iOS format, mainly for the handy tools it provides for retrieving info. I like that I can have my notes filtered differently on each pull down and jump back and forth as needed. With the addition of the slide-out favorites bar I can get to whatever info I need really quickly. The new format took some getting used to and the app does seem to open a little slower but if I'm in that much of a hurry to enter a new note I just use FastEver.
  7. Email is the method I use. You select the pages you want, click the export icon, and chose mail. It's a few more keystrokes vs "open in" but still pretty convenient IMO
  8. I don't know if there's a way to have it automatically start with lined paper. I haven't seen a setting for that. But since it "remembers" your paper choices and applies them to all subsequent pages til you change it again, you only have to pick lined once when you set up the notebook and you're good to go from then on. Only takes a few seconds.
  9. CYNREN, How are you accomplishing this? In the previous PU version it was very easy to send single pages to EV, in the new version I can't figure this out. JP09 - In the multi page view in PU, get into edit mode and select the pages you want. Hit the export icon and mail them to EN. They will be packaged into one PDF and appear as a new note in EN, with the subject line of the email as the note title.
  10. I understand auto syncing being a problem where connectivity is limited. Having my Penultimate notebooks mirrored in EN, including stuff I don't need to keep, doesn't seem like a big deal though. It's just backing up to EN instead of Dropbox, with the advantage of being available to search in EN. I can still select specific PU pages and mail them to the pertinent EN notebook, just like always, and delete or leave them in PU as I wish. And for doodles and such, I usually delete them at the end of the boring meeting. Gone from PU and EN automatically. That said, it does seem an option to turn sync on and off should be available. A bonus is that for those of us with two mobile devices, now our Penultimate notebooks sync. Probably a limited use case, but with the iPad mini it will become more common. I use the mini for field work and as a backup to my full size iPad and love that I have the same notebooks on each.
  11. I love this update! I have an iPad 3 and an iPad mini, and there was no way to share a Penultimate notebook on those two devices. I could pass copies back and forth thru Dropbox but it was a pain and made me reluctant to use PU. Seemed like the note I was looking for was always on the other device. Now everything syncs beautifully! I've added, moved and deleted pages, renamed notebooks, and edited content, and the updates appear flawlessly in EN and PU on both devices. It's much more useful to me now. I haven't looked at the Penultimate notes on my desktop so I don't know if I have the issue rbianchi noted, and I can see why the syncing would be a royal pain with a slow connection. A manual sync option or ability to designate which notebooks sync would be good to have for those occasions. I often have scribbled notes I don't really want to keep but since deleting them in PU means they're gone from EN too, that's not a big deal. But then again, my notebooks are syncing pretty quickly.
  12. The message I get is: Cannot connect to forum This forum is either restricting access from Tapatalk HD or the installed Tapatalk HD plugin is not working. Please contact your forum administrator.
  13. Just wanted to add that my experience with customer support has been very good. I've only had a couple issues that required a support ticket, and although they both ended up being bugs that took some time to resolve, the communication with me was timely and helpful. I knew they understood the problem and were working on it. And both were successfully resolved.
  14. That's how notability works, and it seems pretty reasonable. If I start a new note the default title is simply "Note Feb. 21, 2012" The next note I create on the same day is "Note Feb. 21, 2012 (1)" etc. So they sort nicely and I can quickly find and retitle them later as needed. Although I don't mind the autotitle EN uses right now (I actually like it in some situations and am fine with overwriting it in other cases) I can see why others might prefer a different behavior.
  15. I use a scansnap and have it save to folder on my desktop, not directly into EN. The scanner software lets me name the scanned doc that way. After I've scanned everything I want to for that work session, I drag the docs I just created - all at once, using multiselect - into EN. Each doc becomes a new note, titled with the name I just gave to it. anjoschu, I know you said you didn't want to go through this many steps. But I find it pretty easy, really just one more step (total) than if I could name and save everything directly to EN. I name and save to the temp folder, then in one click and drag, put them all into EN.
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