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  1. Thank you! I looked there but I must have missed it the first time.
  2. EN cannot search/find text within PDF attachments on my last 3 notes. The notes were entered yesterday. Two of them were taken via Scannable and the last one was a scanned document. All of my old documents/PDF's seem to be searchable still. I receive the same results from either the desktop or iOS app. Any thoughts?? Premium member Desktop - OSX 10.1.2 / EN 6.10 iPhone 7 - iOS 10.2 / EN
  3. I realize this is an old post...however, I am having the same exact problem. The phone number fields do not seem to map properly..."work" becomes "home" when transferred to my contacts on iPhone and Outlook. I've tested with several different cards and all seem to have the same behavior.
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